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Chefknivestogo Angle Guide
Chefknivestogo Angle Guide

Chefknivestogo Angle Guide

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One of the most common questions we get from newbie sharpeners is what angle should I sharpen my knives at? Followed by "How can I determine a 15 degree angle? Here is the answer. We made a little angle guide and put it on the back of our business cards. There are a 20 degree and 15 degree angle on it so you can just cut the one you want, place it on the stone, place your knife on top of the guide and it will give you the angle. We're going to give these out for free to most customers that buy sharpening stones from us but if you want to make sure to get one we thought we would add this item for a few cents.

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Posted By: stephen frick - verified customer

I thought there was a space I could add my name as well.. these are just CKTG buisness cards. I have and will continue to order from CKTG though

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  Great for a Noob
Posted By: Matt - verified customer

Title says it all. Anytime I've ever attempted to sharpen a knife, even for practice, I was always hindered when setting the angle. This guide helps. I bought several, to give to family & friends.

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  Quite Clever of an idea
Posted By: David S - verified customer
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If there's a better business card for a knife shop, I haven't seen it. While on one side this includes all the typical business info, the other side serves as a perfect tool for those of us just getting into sharpening. Exactly as the instructions say- just trim the pieces off, and as you're trying to find the right angle for your knife to meet the stones, slide this in, and now KNOW that you're lining up correctly. $0.03 incredibly well spent for the peace of mind alone.

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  Very handy! :)
Posted By: Carol T. - verified customer

I bought a whole stack of these little cards, and find them really helpful. The probably aren't as accurate as some kind of solid angle cube, but they are really handy. When I am sharpening a knife I am not used to sharpening, I use the angle that is closest to what I want to get an idea of how much to tilt the blade while I am sharpening. Even with knives I have sharpened often, if it has been a while since I sharpened, I will check my memory of the angle with one of these.I like that you can get two different angles from one card. Also, even though they are paper, and there is water on the stone when I am using them, I find they hold up really well. I generally use the same one for a long time, it dries between uses. And of course they are so cheap, you could cut a new one every time, and the cost is still almost nothing.Really, the only reason I didn't give these 4 stars is that personally, I wish they were of plastic, even if they cost a lot more (still would be massively cheap, and you could use one till you lost it, or, more typically for me, some evil cat gets hold of it, lol). Overall, I love this product, and am glad CKtG offers it!

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  The Price is Right
Posted By: Louis - verified customer

This angle guide will show people a 15 degree and 20 degree angle. This will help beginners visualize the proper angles to sharpen their knives. It is also an attractive business card.

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