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Bester 1200 Grit Stone
Bester 1200 Grit Stone

Bester 1200 Grit Stone

Item #: Bester1200WaterStone

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Our Price: $50.00
Bester 1200x Water Stone. Measures 205mm x 75mm x 25mm. The Bester stones require soaking before use. The stone is slow wearing and leaves a nice finish for a medium grit stone. The Bester 1200 cuts fast and has nice feedback. Very similar to the Bester 1000 stone.

Customer Reviews


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  great stone, July 31, 2020
Posted By: Robert - verified customer

I was on the fence about this stone . I go this stone because i have a king stone in the same grit and i wanted to compare the two to see which one was better. The bester 1200 is a quicker stone . the feedback is also better. I will buy this stone again when this stone runs out.

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  Ok but not what I was expecting, July 15, 2018
Posted By: Markus

This stone is ok for the price but I was expecting more responsive feedback similar to the excellent 1000 Arashiyama/Imanishi. Usable but not a high-end whetstone. The stone is also a little softer than expected. Does a decent job on stainless and a very good job on harder carbon steels. I believe Imanishi/Arashiyama/Imanishi/Kitiyama stones all come from the same factory in japan but with slightly different formulations.

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  Good stone but not as good as the Bester 1000, July 11, 2018
Posted By: Ron

I bought the 1200 Bester to replace my old 1000 grit Bester. Dimensionally they are the same but the feedback is a little smoother on the 1000. The 1200 doesn't cut quite as fast as the 1000 but it does feel a little harder. If I had a choice I would spend the time to find a 1000 Bester but 1200 is almost as good.

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  Nice stone, August 1, 2017
Posted By: Ray Wilson - verified customer

I love the feed back that the Bester 1200 gives me.I am new to sharpening but this stone talks to me and lets me know what the stone and knife are telling me.It does require a long soak though and I have found that a 90 minute to two hour soak gets it done.

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  Great First Stone, May 17, 2017
Posted By: Byron - verified customer

After overthinking it to death, I finally came across a guy who explained waterstones in a simple direct here's what's nice to have - but here's what you really need fashion. On that advice, I got the Bester 1200 - my first waterstone. I've sharpened everything in the shop - and all the kitchen knives. Love it! I particularly like that it can be stored in water without crumbling. I got a plastic container that's sized right for it, added water, and it's ready to go whenever needed. Do understand - I'm not one of those guys who's into sharpening perfection, micro-bevels, shaving freestanding stray hairs, etc. I just want my stuff to cut cleanly and give good results. This stone gets me that.

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  Chefknivestogo Order -Handling & Shipping, February 13, 2017
Posted By: Matthew - verified customer

I haven't used the stone yet, so I cannot coment on it. Merchant did pack item well and shipped promptly. Thank you.

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  Excellent combination, December 24, 2016
Posted By: don - verified customer

Bester1200 combined with 5000 or 6000 stone is the best for me combination to sharp Japanese and Western knives, which may be a little overkilled for Western knivues, but hey I like my knife's tone sharp.Good feedback, easy to lap.overall happy with this product.

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  REALLY better than expected, July 30, 2016
Posted By: Ed Warner - verified customer

I purchased this as a replacement to a Norton and King 1000. This is so far ahead of those two stones. It is smooth, so smooth I had to look that I had a 1200 grit stone. I did not have to work hard with this stone has I have had to do with the other two.

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  Good, but with reservations, July 12, 2016
Posted By: Matt - verified customer

This stone is a huge upgrade from my King 1000. It cuts much faster and has much better feedback. I had two issues with this stone. 1) It is really thirsty. I generally soak it for 20 minutes, but it seems like it could definitely soak longer. You have to be vigilant about keeping the stone wet. 2) It loads up really quickly. Again, you have to be vigilant with splashing the stone to battle the buildup.

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  Product Review, September 4, 2012
Posted By: Bill B - verified customer

First waterstone I have ever used so take my review for what it is, a rank novices opinion. However, coming from oilstones to this is a revelation. I also have a few diamond plates, both eze lap plates of 600 and 1200. I will say that the bester 1200 is a completely different animal than the eze 1200. The finish is much better. I do understand about feedback and I think this stone has great feedback. A really nice feel in use and easy to tell when you are off angle. The sound and the feel change instantly. I am very happyso far to have made the switch and with my choice of stones. By the way, I use my stones for woodworking tools. Plane blades and chisels and the like, carbon steel and the cutting action is fine on this steel.

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  Product Review, June 30, 2012
Posted By: Brad - verified customer

My go-to intermediate stone. Good width even for long chef's knives. An excellent cutter with decent feedback; it leaves a good working edge which can be further refined on higher grit stones. An excellent value!

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  Product Review, June 14, 2011
Posted By: Chris Morina - verified customer

Great stone for the price. Cuts fast and is nice and hard. One of the first stones I started with, very good by for someone looking for a first stone. Leave a good edge that doesn't need much refinement.

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  Product Review, January 3, 2011
Posted By: Jesse - verified customer

If I lost my stone collection, this would be the first stone I would buy. It's really easy to use, cuts extremely fast, and has a nice smooth feel. It doesn't need much soaking but if you leave it in water for a long time, it doesn't make the stone feel mushy. I can get my knives sharp enough using only this stone, although I prefer to use finishing stones. I can't think of a single fault with this stone.

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  Product Review, September 16, 2010
Posted By: Roger - verified customer

This is my first whetstone so I'm still learning, but these seem like a solid buy and the prices/service/shipping were top notch at

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  Product Review, September 5, 2010
Posted By: Greg Pett - verified customer

I must admit that my sharpening skill is not equal to this stone. I started off with a bestor 1200 and this suhiro rica 5000. Yes, I do get good edges with this as a polishing stone. In the process I have given this stone divits and have not flattened it yet. Yes I need to flatten it but I am on a budget. This is a softer stone and it takes practice to be able to sharpen on it without cutting gouges in the stone. Learn your blade angles on harder stones. Lately, I have been much better at holding an angle. But I am fully willing to admit it is not the stones fault. It is my fault.So, through experience I can confidently say that learning on cheaper lesser grit stones how to hold your knife and stroke it during sharpening is invaluable. Tread gently on polishing stones as they are easier to gouge. Cheers!

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  Product Review, September 5, 2010
Posted By: Greg Pett - verified customer

The bestor 1200 is a rock! It removes metal and is a very sturdy stone that does not wear away as much as the polishing stone that I have.I am new to sharpening but the bestor 1200 seems like a winner as it is hard, double sided, and I can leave it in a soak without having to baby sit it before sharpening.My only complaint is that I am new to sharpening and I think I remove too much metal with it. That is my fault while learning the technique. It is not the stones fault... it is mine.I am of the opinion that I was recommended a very good stone for what it is. I just have to learn to use it better.Sharpening is learning.

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  Product Review, July 27, 2010
Posted By: jhmaass - verified customer

Outstanding value for such a good stone. Fast cutting and has great feedback.

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