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Atoma 400x
Atoma 400x
Atoma 400x

Atoma 400x

Item #: Atoma400BIG

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Atoma diamond plates are renowned for their long life and fast cutting properties. Some use this in progression with the 140 for stone flattening but we don't do this in our office. We flatten exclusively with the 140. This plate is reserved for work as a low grit sharpening plate. When used to sharpen and repair knives, the Atoma suffers none of the headache of soaking water stones or needing to repair stones when they become dished. This makes the Atoma ideal for users on the go or who are looking for a minimalist kit. Measures 210mm x 75mm.

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5  Had to review it..., June 1, 2015
Posted By: Max S.

I'm sorry to Mark for having to sort through all of my reviews, but I am continually impressed with what I buy from him!
I have been using a DMT 120 grit plate, and a shapton glass plate for lapping 5 different brands of water stones, this Atoma 400 was a recent purchase. I went with this atoma for grits 1k and higher, so I can mainly use my shapton plate on glass stones.
I found this plates grit rating perfect for stones from 1k-6k. I had no problem with this on one of my 8k stones as well, but it was a bit more coarse than I would have liked. THIS STONE IS GREAT! I recommend it over the DMT for lapping. I also enjoying sharpening with the plate as well, I really like the scratch pattern it leaves. The Atoma is ligher, and a bit longer than the DMT, also the suction effect is greatly reduced. All-round better choice in my opinion. If I did not already have 2x DMT 120s, I would purchase an Atoma 140. This is truly a great plate, nice n light weight. Don't hesitate. I could not be happier!
You may want to consider a 600 grit if you already have have a 120 grit DMT plate, you could probably extend up to a 10k stone with the 600 and get a good surface.

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