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Masakage Mizu Gyuto 210mm
Masakage Mizu Gyuto 210mm Masakage Mizu Gyuto 210mmMasakage Mizu Gyuto 210mmMasakage Mizu Gyuto 210mm
Masakage Mizu Gyuto 210mm Masakage Mizu Gyuto 210mmMasakage Mizu Gyuto 210mmMasakage Mizu Gyuto 210mm

Masakage Mizu Gyuto 210mm

Item #: MizuGyuto210

Average Customer Rating:
(4.5 out of 5 based on 8 reviews)

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CKTG Gyuto Saya B 210mm
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Masakage is a collective of knife makers whose goal is to produce beautiful and functional examples of handmade Japanese cutlery. This 210mm gyuto from Masakageís Mizu line is made by Takefu Village blacksmith Katsushige Anryu, a craftsman with over 50 years of knife making experience. The knife is clad construction with Aogami #2 steel hardened to 62-64 HRC in the core wrapped in a reactive cladding and wearing in a refined deep blue/black kurouchi finish. As both Aogami #2 and the cladding layer are reactive, the knife will patina with normal use and may rust if abused. The handle is oval in shape and made of Japanese cherry wood with a resin ferrule. Fit and finish are very good.

  • Brand: Masakage
  • Line: Mizu
  • Blacksmith: Anryu
  • Location: Echizen, Japan
  • Construction: Hammer Forged, San Mai
  • Cladding: Iron
  • Edge Steel: Blue #2
  • Finish: Kurouchi
  • Weight: 5.8 ounces
  • Blade Length: 217 mm
  • Overall Length: 359 mm
  • Thickness at Heel: 3.8 mm
  • Blade Height: 46.4 mm

  • Customer Reviews

    Product Reviews

    5  Excellent no frills gyuto, May 6, 2017
    Posted By: Josh - verified customer

    Fantastic edge, hardness and weight. Recommend for anyone for their first gyuto or even for more experienced

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    3  close but finish is quite lacking on mine - unfortunate, March 12, 2017
    Posted By: Kevin Rosinbum

    I'd like to give it 3.5 with room to grow to 4 but I'm going to round down for the time being I'm afraid. Overall, this gyuto cuts very well. It takes and edge easily and holds it decently. For the most part I only strop and rarely if ever steel it in the kitchen. It doesn't quite release as well as I'd hoped but it isn't bad. I love the handling of it and weight is light but with some heft to it, balanced just slightly forward. My main gripe however is truly in the KU finish of the knife - while I purchased this to be a working knife no doubt, I went with this knife for the love "Mizu" deep water blue finish shown on the videos and all the photos, as well as photos of even other copies of this line (made by KatsushigeAnryu) found on another seller's inventory pages. On my copy (not unlike the previous review perhaps) that lovely mizu finish it only found at the very back corner of the blade right above the choil before it enters handle, and the transition is quite abrupt, rather than the smooth lovely looking work of the shown samples. The lacquer finish as was also mentioned is applied rather poorly as well with drip marks in a couple places. Truly this doesn't detract from the usefulness of the knife, but we all like to admire the craftsmanship and finish of our knives, and this one simply didn't live up to the other examples of the Masakage Mizu line shown.

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    4  Good, but not consistent. , January 24, 2017
    Posted By: Euclides Netto - verified customer
    1 people found this review helpful

    Good knife but not very consistent for Masakage standards. I bought 2 knives from this line, one came very well finished and sharp, Masakage are known for they sharpness and excellent grinds, but the second one came pretty dull on the tip area and the resin as poorly applied. Needed some work on the edge, nothing huge, expected on this line. Still a very good knife for this price, would buy again for sure.

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    5  Excellent knife, November 28, 2016
    Posted By: Lennon - verified customer
    3 people found this review helpful

    I've had this for about a week (11/29/16) and have used it daily as a prep and line knife, and I love it. It's a razor out of the box and holds it to the point where I haven't had to hone it at all. Thing is a beast.

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    5  Great knife buy one, July 28, 2016
    Posted By: Joshua Hedquist
    3 people found this review helpful

    I got this knife around fathers day and have put it threw its paces. This blade makes prep work and other tasks a breeze. I have cleaned fish and cut up whole ribeyes with out a problem. The finish helps keepthe rust at bay but just rember to wipe it when your done useing it to keep it looking good. I love tjis nice feels good in the hand and is perfect for a pinch grip. I highly recomend getting one to any one.

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    5  most incredible ever!!!, July 8, 2016
    Posted By: Joshua Cooper
    3 people found this review helpful

    This was the first knife I bought from CKTG. It is beyond anything I could have imagined. The FF is near perfect. This knife was bought for my bride, she loves it. She told me that she had some doubts that it would just be a really good knife, but she now has a different opinion. She text me one day saying that she was sad that she didn't have more prep work to cut. She actually want to cut more produce. She says the knife falls through produce. The rustic look of the knife is beautiful. It was super shape out of the box, and hones really well. The handle is also wonderful. All in all, the knife is nearly perfect.

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    3  Lacking in fit and finish, January 23, 2015
    Posted By: Tom J.
    8 people found this review helpful

    The knife was very sharp out of the box and performs well, but the fit and finish are not nearly as good as shown in the picture or video. There is a sharp ridge where the ferrule meets the wood of the handle, and several places where the kurouchi finish was scraped away during grinding. The lacquer coating on the blade is quite thick and has several runs that add a lot of thickness to the blade. It was disappointing to see such a beautiful knife in the picture and video, but receive one that is rather sloppy.

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    5  Product Review, August 30, 2013
    Posted By: Dave D. - verified customer
    3 people found this review helpful

    What a great knive! I want to thank the staff at CKTG for your wonderful products at great prices. The shipping is unbelievably fast.

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