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Home > Shop by Steel > HAP40 Steel > Kohetsu HAP40 > Kohetsu HAP40 Wa Handled Knives > Kohetsu 800 Grit Sharpening Stone
Kohetsu 800 Grit Sharpening Stone
Kohetsu 800 Grit Sharpening Stone Kohetsu 800 Grit Sharpening Stone
Kohetsu 800 Grit Sharpening Stone Kohetsu 800 Grit Sharpening Stone

Kohetsu 800 Grit Sharpening Stone

Item #: ST-800

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Our Price: $55.00
The Kohetsu sharpening stones are a new item to the USA and they're designed to be used primarily on kitchen knives. The stones are ceramic based, require a short soak and will cut a wide variety of steels including HAP40 and Aogami Super that you find in the Kohetsu line of knives. They are called the 4th Generation Sharpening Stone, produced by TohShoo, where originally a professional sharpener and Mr. Tsukahara studied and practiced when he was young. According to Tsukahara, they are formed and dried naturally in the air without any heating, and give effective and smooth sharpening with a comfortable feeling, and have strong support of professionals particularly among the people working in the market places like Tsukiji in Tokyo. This 800 grit stone is 205mm x 70mm x 30mm. The stone company changed the size to improve quality so we reduced the price accordingly as of 10/1/2018
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5  Incredible bargain!!!, August 5, 2018
Posted By: Will

I got this about a month ago on close out and I got to say this is a great stone.
It cuts like a beast and the finish is impressive for an 800 grit stone.
Mine does have a few side cracks but it has been perma soaking since I got it and it is solid.
It is a big stone, green brick size, and I probably could sharpen 10,000 knives and not reach the cracks and if I did I would just flip it over.
Iím probably gonna try the 2000 now as this stone had great feel and feedback so if that is similar I will be happy with it.

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5  10 out of 10, July 31, 2018
Posted By: Bryan R.

Amazing. Works better than any stone Iíve used. Worked my blue #2ís and all my whites. Even my blue super like a breeze. Might buy another one just to have as a back up!

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5  800, July 11, 2018
Posted By: John

Very worth this price. Small side crack? Bleh I have several stones with this. A few coats of laquer and they have held up just fine. Very versatile stone if you use varying pressures. Cuts any steel I have. And I have many types. Best value on the site today I do believe.

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5  Effiective and efficient, July 9, 2018
Posted By: E Tsai - verified customer

Following the advice of several senior CKTG stones fanatics I bought the 800 / 2K set for my Takeda NAS. Love the speed and tooth the provide for everything from an old cuisinart santoku to Miyabi SG2, Kikuichi Carbon, Kikuichi Swedish, Koishi, and my beloved Takeda. A long soak required but the feel and size is great. Highly recommend!

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5  Ditto... Nice stone, December 16, 2015
Posted By: niwaki-boy - verified customer

I've needed to upgrade my old low grit stones for a while now so I was reading a post in the sharpening area of the cktg forums with a couple of folks really digging this stone. Soooo after a few adult beverages and some good reading, I made some excellent choices (no really) and ordered ... kono fuji (darn right I needed that), richmond plating spoons, tojiro dp's (for gifts), rikon peelers plus this stone and I'm batting a thousand. I think that was Friday... Acme delivery to Wile E Coyotee... Package here Monday.I don't sharpen everyday but I do a fair amount with woodshop stuff and mine/friends knives. GregG hit the nail on the head with this one. Really nice feeling muddy fast cutting huge brick of a stone. Also very easy to deal with soft gummy stainless cladding. Smiles all smiles...I'll be making some room for that 2k stone when it comes back in and if there were a lower grit say 300 to 400 as nice count me in.Thanks to Sue, Alissa and Lacy for superior get the product out the door to the customer skills! You rock

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5  Excellent sharpening stones with their own character, November 16, 2015
Posted By: GregG - verified customer

I have been using these stones for about ten months and they are very special. I sharpen almost every day and use the Kohetsu stones in almost every situation. The 800 is a muddy stone that has great feedback and cuts fast. It works well with kasumi finishes, the hard high-carbon steels, and a variety of hard and soft stainless steels. It pairs perfectly with the Kohetsu 2K. I use, or have used, many of the high-quality sharpening stones. The Kohetsu stones have their own personality and feel, and they produce sharp, agressively cutting edges.I think you can appreciate their distinctiveness if you have already spent time sharpening with other high-end synthetic sharpening stones like Choseras or Shaptons. If I could buy a full set of these, I would.

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