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Home > Knife Types > Santokus > Wa Handled Santokus > Kajiwara Blue #1 Kurouchi Ko Bocho 120mm
Kajiwara Blue #1 Kurouchi Ko Bocho 120mm
Kajiwara Blue #1 Kurouchi Ko Bocho 120mm Kajiwara Blue #1 Kurouchi Ko Bocho 120mmKajiwara Blue #1 Kurouchi Ko Bocho 120mmKajiwara Blue #1 Kurouchi Ko Bocho 120mm
Kajiwara Blue #1 Kurouchi Ko Bocho 120mm Kajiwara Blue #1 Kurouchi Ko Bocho 120mmKajiwara Blue #1 Kurouchi Ko Bocho 120mmKajiwara Blue #1 Kurouchi Ko Bocho 120mm

Kajiwara Blue #1 Kurouchi Ko Bocho 120mm

Item #: KB1K-KB120

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Our Price: $89.00
This 120mm Ko Bocho, Japanese for “little knife,” is shaped like a mini santoku, and is forged from Aogami #2 or blue paper #2 steel, very highly regarded for its ability to take and hold a steep and refined edge. This is a knife that when used as a supplement to your gyuto creates a very dynamic team capable of just about any food prep you can throw their way. This blade is really quite thick for a knife of this size, and the shape makes it perfect for chopping garlic, shallots, scallions, chocolate, nuts, and tougher dried items like sun dried tomatoes or ancho chiles.

The blade has a kurouchi finish created during heat treating, and helps prevent rust. With a proper edge, this knife also works very well for breaking down poultry, as you would use a honesuki. The tall height of the blade and unique complex grind are perfect for working on the cutting board. Top it off with a rosewood handle and ebony ferrule, and you have a fantastic rustic looking utility blade that you will reach for very often, and one that you’ll always consider a great value.

  • Weight: 3 ounces
  • Blade Length: 124 mm
  • Overall Length: 242 mm
  • Thickness at Heel: 3.4 mm
  • Blade Height: 42.0 mm
  • Customer Reviews

    Product Reviews

    5  Perfect little knife, October 18, 2018
    Posted By: Bil

    I needed a small utility knife and this one, my first ko bocho, is just perfect for my needs: small and nimble enough for paring and finer work but thick enough in the spine and tall enough for boning and chopping.
    Fit and finish is much nicer than one would expect of a knife at its price point. I opted for the Honbatsuke,
    or finish sharpening and it arrived razor sharp. Well worth the extra $15. Simply a beautiful little knife.
    Shipped promptly and quickly. Much praise and thanks to all at Chef Knives To Go!

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    5  Very useful with some rustic charm., October 2, 2017
    Posted By: Perry - verified customer

    I bought this to use where my thinner, 130mm petty, falls short. I wanted some serious spine and some height. Did a little work on the edge and put it to work on some carrots, parsnips, garlic and even filleted a couple of fish. It's a handy tool that i keep close to hand. Great for mincing parsley and dry ingredients like dates too. I find it comfortable to use, i even peel with it ! The steel is great. Fit and finish is fine. I'm happy to have it on the bench. A keeper !

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    5  Makes food prep fun again!, August 22, 2017
    Posted By: Jim - verified customer
    1 people found this review helpful

    This is my first ko bocho, and my first knife with a kuroichi finish.The balance point is right in front of the choil or "ago", so a pinch grip feels great. With this knife, I tend to use a push cut, and because of the belly on the tip, I can use a rocking push cut.It has a nice heft because of the substantial thickness of the blade, which makes it ideal for harder items, such as Japanese potatoes, ginger, kabocha, carrots, etc. But using a pinch grip allows more control and the ability to do delicate work.The thick, rustic spine is great for scraping the peel off of ginger. This thing is really handy! The choil point is very sharp, and I can use it for close work, such as trimming the stems on shiitake mushrooms. I just put the choil point where the stem meets the cap and rotate the shroom.Even though I'm a novice, I find it easy to sharpen, and the edge lasts for one or two weeks.There were a couple minor issues--the knife out of the box had some extraneous metal on the part that I think is called the "ago" and I had to file it off. The kuroichi finish has come off where my forefinger would be in my pinch grip. I don't know if this is normal or not.

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    5  Great knife. Awsome company, May 10, 2017
    Posted By: Blake - verified customer

    Knife is unique and sharp as hell. Shipping took 2 days. Awsome. Love this company. Great job guys!!

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    4  It's like a baby gyoto, March 22, 2017
    Posted By: Kanen - verified customer

    Out of the box finish is pretty nice. Once you put this lil thang on the stone, then it really puts in the work! Recommend this knife if you want to use it as a petty or for breaking down a chicken. The edge will last you for about a week if your housing this in a professional kitchen.

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    5  Super Petty Knife, March 10, 2017
    Posted By: Lee Lieberman - verified customer
    2 people found this review helpful

    I have been happy with the 105mm version, but felt the need for a more gyuto-like knife. This does it, it has more weight. The extra length makes it less limited. The Aogami #2 steel is great; it stays sharp for a couple of weeks with my level of use. The price is very reasonable for a knife of this fit and finish. the rosewood handle looks great.

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    5  Fantastic small knife, September 11, 2016
    Posted By: Justin Munsters - verified customer

    As others have mentioned here, this is simply a mini-gyuto. The knife is very well balanced and well suited for work from paring to poultry boning. It has great rocking ability, but it is so sharp (after sharpening) I worry for my fingers with its nimble size. Out of the box it needs a sharpening, but after hours of prep work I have yet to resharpen it. A rinse and a dry wipe after a long session with acidic foods will keep this clean. For professional and home chefs alike, this is one of the best all around knives outside of your chef knife that you will find a,nd a fantastic addition and introduction into Japanese knives.

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    4  First ko bocho, June 18, 2015
    Posted By: Justin - verified customer

    This is my first ko bocho knife as I was looking for a knife with a multiple purpose functionality, this knife definitely performs well as both a petty and a boning knife. It doesn't have the fine tip as the honesuki and isn't as nimble. But for snapping through joints and doing simple butchering its solid. Really love this knife and the finish is exactly what i wanted. The edge is good on mine seemed to shave hair just fine. Keep it dry. And it will last for a long time

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    5  Product Review, February 1, 2014
    Posted By: sKot S. - verified customer

    It is as if this blade started life as the 240mm Gyuto that was cut off 120mm back from the tip.If you hold it up against the 240 Gyuto it's the exact same profile.That little bit of trivia side, this handles like the perfect combination of a paring knife, boning knife and small chefs knife.Like the 240mm Gyuto, this knife is a perfect extension of my hand for the work I need to do with it.OOTB more than sharp enough to take straight to work. It's been heavily used through 2 10hr shifts and still hasn't touched a hone or stone.Also like the 240mm Gyuto, the blade itself is stunning to look at and matches beautifully with the rosewood/ebony handles.

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