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Home > Knife Types > Japanese Knives > Shibata Knives > Shibata Kashima Knives > Shibata Kashima R-2 Gyuto 240mm Custom
Shibata Kashima R-2 Gyuto 240mm Custom
Shibata Kashima R-2 Gyuto 240mm Custom Shibata Kashima R-2 Gyuto 240mm CustomShibata Kashima R-2 Gyuto 240mm CustomShibata Kashima R-2 Gyuto 240mm Custom
Shibata Kashima R-2 Gyuto 240mm Custom Shibata Kashima R-2 Gyuto 240mm CustomShibata Kashima R-2 Gyuto 240mm CustomShibata Kashima R-2 Gyuto 240mm Custom

Shibata Kashima R-2 Gyuto 240mm Custom

Item #: C3505

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(4.5 out of 5 based on 3 reviews)

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Our Price: $350.00
Rarely has a new knife to our store been received with such anticipation as the Shibata Kashima R-2 Gyuto 240mm. We have long been fans of the profile and performance characteristics of the classic Sabatier chef knife. The shape has been mimicked by many makers resulting in some particular iterations receiving almost cult-like praise.

So we asked one of our favorite blacksmiths, Takayuki Shibata, to make his interpretation of this ubiquitous blade. The CKTG exclusive, Shibata Kashima R-2 Gyuto is the result of his quest. It is a hammer forged, san-mai blade made with R-2 stainless steel. The inner core is clad with a soft stainless steel for easy care and added strength. The R-2 cutting edge will sharpen to a razorís edge and due to its outstanding edge retention characteristics, will hold that edge for protracted periods on the cutting board. Shibata-san is an excellent knife sharpener so it will be a top performing knife right out of the box.

Kashima is the name of a famous Japanese naval ship that is beautiful, sleek, modern, and designed to slice through the oceans with grace. We think you'll have the same opinion of this wonderful knife.

  • Brand: Kashima
  • Maker: Takayuki Shibata
  • Region: Echizen Japan
  • Construction: San Mai, Hammer Forged
  • Edge Steel: R-2 Powdered Stainless
  • Cladding: Stainless
  • HRC: 62
  • Edge Grind: Even, See Choil Shot
  • Engraving: Laser Engraved
  • Total Weight: 5.8oz / 164g
  • Blade Length: 244 mm
  • Overall Length: 395 mm
  • Spine Thickness at Heel: 2.1 mm
  • Blade Height: 47 mm
  • Handle: Custom Maple Burl

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  • Customer Reviews


    3 review(s) WRITE A REVIEW (Reviews are subject to approval)
      amazing knife, with caveats, April 30, 2018
    Posted By: keith pasko

    so, i can recommend this knife to almost anyone. weight balance, steel, craftsmanship, balance...its incredible. if you are one to buy a knife as-is and keep a general micro-bevel for the life of the knife, you would be hard pressed to find something as nice. now, that said, the "polish" or "finish" on the knife was done at a very low grit, which means deep gouges exist on almost every surface of the knife. the grid is well done, with a nice, consistent bevel, and a beautiful thinness that cuts like magic -- but if you are the type to bring out the hamon, or work towards a more polished finish for the knife, it will require a great amount of effort to work out the deep scratches inherent in this type of finishing. if you like the aesthetics as-is, this is 100% not a concern, and the knife will perform incredibly, but i would advise against this knife if you are a fetishist and aren't willing to put in the amount of effort this beautiful knife deserves to get to the same level of finish as some of the more polished shibatas, which is quite a bit.

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      Fantastic, August 19, 2017
    Posted By: Rob - verified customer

    I picked up one of the first four of these and it is an exceptional knife. Fit and finish are excellent, though it is aesthetically very simple. The handle is well constructed, sturdy, and well proportioned for the size and profile of the knife. The profile is the classic French shape with the tiny, fragile tip and low heel height that let it feel perfectly at home when used as a slicer. The heat treatment is as good as I've used on R2, certainly comparable to other R2 knives like the Takamura R2 and largely comparable to other well executed steel like SRS-15 and whatever Tojiro uses in their PM line.The real star of the show is the grind. This knife is pretty thin at the heel and still manages to this out toward the tip. Combined with the thin profile, this knife absolutely flies through produce, but the heel has just enough support to be used for tubers without feeling fragile. I have not had chipping issues yet after a month and change of heavy restaurant work and don't expect to see them. I prefer the grind on this knife to the other Sakai lasers on Yusuke, Konosuke, and Ashi knives, which I previously thought were ideal.If you want a knife with a large flat spot at the heel, a large handle, or a lot of heel height, this is not for you, but for a more svelte knife this one is a gem. I prefer it to an Akifusa SRS-15 for professional use.

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      My new favorite knife., August 11, 2017
    Posted By: ROB O - verified customer

    I've owned this knife for a little over two weeks. I spent the first couple of days stunned by how well it cut. I've spent the last few trying hard to find something wrong with it. My only frustration? I've failed to find anything not to like. Fit and finish is very good. It holds an edge very, very well. It is slippery through ingredient like no other knife I've used and it is a top performer across a very wide array of ingredients. It's the best pepper/onion knife I've ever used. It slices through dense roots effortlessy and without wedging. It even cut crusty bread. Then after I was done? It still sliced tomato without hands. It's only been two weeks so far ... whirlwind romance perhaps ... but one heck of a honeymoon to be sure.

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