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Moritaka AS Gyuto 250mm
Moritaka AS Gyuto 250mm Moritaka AS Gyuto 250mm Moritaka AS Gyuto 250mm Moritaka AS Gyuto 250mm
Moritaka AS Gyuto 250mm Moritaka AS Gyuto 250mm Moritaka AS Gyuto 250mm Moritaka AS Gyuto 250mm

Moritaka AS Gyuto 250mm

Item #: C3714

Average Customer Rating:
(4.5 out of 5 based on 21 reviews)

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Our Price: $249.95
This pattern was designed exclusively for CKTG and is modeled after the popular Masamoto KS profile. Like all of our Moritaka knives, the 250mm KS is forged with a core of wonderfully treated Aogami Super steel taken to an HRC of 64-65. The edges on this knife can be taken to very acute angles and high levels of polish while exhibiting superior retention and durability. The core is clad in softer iron which sports a beautiful kurouchi finish that enhances corrosion resistance. The thin, acute tip flies through vegetables and the flat edge profile is extremely good for various chopping techniques.

Moritaka Hamono has been hand forging blades for over 700 years and the collective knowledge acquired during that time span is applied to tremendous effect in these unique blades.

A very nice Rosewood oval handle and 50/50 compound/convex grinds make these knives excellent for both left and right handed users. The knife protector fits better than any of our sayas.

  • Blacksmith: Moritaka Hamono
  • Location: Yatsushiro, Japan
  • Construction: San Mai, Hammer Forged
  • Edge Steel: Aogami Super Steel
  • Cladding: Soft Iron
  • Tang: Stainless Steel
  • Edge Grind: Even (see choil photo)
  • Finish: Kurouchi
  • Handle: Rosewood Oval
  • Ferrule: Maple
  • Weight: 5.8 ounces
  • Blade Length: 252 mm
  • Overall Length: 397 mm
  • Thickness at Heel: 3.8 mm
  • Blade Height: 47.9 mm

  • Customer Reviews


    21 review(s) WRITE A REVIEW (Reviews are subject to approval)
      Top Notch Construction, Idiosyncrasies Profile, October 19, 2019
    Posted By: NOAH DAWGIELLO - verified customer

    The knife is everything I dreamed of. Extremely lightweight handle, so the iron and steel blade is the guiding star. Stupendously sharp on account of the white steel. The only unexpected thing is that the knife's profile is slender enough to prohibit rocking cuts, but depending on your style of cutting this is not a problem.

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      Moritaka 250mm, September 2, 2019
    Posted By: Michael D - verified customer

    Love the shape of this knife. Feels relatively nimble for its length. Haven't had to put an edge on it myself, just gave it a few strokes on 3000 chosera and it hasn't disappointed yet. The only drawback so far is that the blade is very reactive and the ku finish is already starting to slowly wear away. Won't affect performance I know but it makes me a little sad. Overall I think this is a mean knife and the price makes it a great value. And as always great service from mark.

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      250mm AS Gyuto, August 7, 2016
    Posted By: Nart - verified customer

    very good knife. highly recoment to anybody

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      Moritaka 250 AS KS gyuto, July 31, 2016
    Posted By: Nart - verified customer

    This knife is very sharp. I sharp it with my shapton pro 1000 and 5000 the results is scary sharp. I wish Moritaka will make 270mm in the future. Great knife overall. I will recommend to everyone who interesting

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      Knife is beautiful and I absolutely love it, October 13, 2015
    Posted By: Grahapes - verified customer

    I've had this knife for almost 2 months now.Mark found me a Saya that fit and both weighed 2lbs so it shipped via FedEx which took about a week. Fit and finish was awesome. Beautiful knife. After putting a new edge on it, finishing on 6k stone and leather strop. The knife sharpened up well and holds an amazing edge. I absolutely love this knife and would give it 5 stars other than it has some major wedding issues. It simply does not want to drop through food. I've been slowly finding the face of the knife and wedding has gotten better. Although I don't have a lo gritstone at the moment so it will take some time.All in all this knife is beautiful and I absolutely love it. Customer Service was superb as always.

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      Sooo sharp.., July 14, 2015
    Posted By: Taylor Johnson - verified customer

    My first Moritaka and what a gorgeous profile. OOTB sharpness on mine was better than most of these reviewers. I would say it was a 7-8/10, without an arm-hair-shave test. After a few strokes on my MAC ceramic rod it definitely shaved hair easily! It honestly does look and feel more like a Sujihiki. However, I was in search for another gyuto/sujihiki to supplement my Terayasu-Fujiwara 210 Gyuto. The 250mm KS arrived sharper than the Fujiwara 210mm, by the way). Excellent finish on the blade too, I don't think I will remove it until it is necessary. This tip is scary thin.. The knife feels very much hand made, which I really appreciate, but you can notice minor imperfections that may just be nit-picky rubbish: The handle and knife seem a bit crooked (but I see other hand-made knives show this trait), the wood of the handle (on mine at least) kind of looks and feels like a toy. It needs to be sanded a bit to create a smooth transition from handle to ferrule if that bugs you.Aside from the handle, I don't have any negative thoughts to say about the blade itself other than a weird gash where the stainless tang was welded to the blade. Hopefully it doesn't become weak at that segment.I wanted to finally write a review because of how wonderful my prior experiences with this company have been so far. They have always left me as a very happy person who didn't have time to write a review because of distractions from awesome knives. I dock a point for this one because of how the knife arrived. The box was smashed, and it had taken about 6-7 days instead of the usual 2-3 day ship time. I usually track my knives everyday (because of my silly knife obsessions), and I noticed this time that my knife became stuck in Wamsutter, WY for 3 days (fri, sat, and sun). I am fairly sure that this is not the fault of Mark or the CKTG service, but of Fedex. Nevertheless, the wood of the knife handle had some slight dents because of where the box was crushed. Not enough to make me send it back though.. Thankfully the crush didn't happen where the knife blade was. I hope CKTG considers not using Fedex next time for shipping perhaps. USPS is what they usually deal with.Sorry for the rant, all in all this knife is very awesome apart from the unfortunate shipping mishap. You should snag a 250KS while they are still around. =)

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      great knife, January 6, 2015
    Posted By: James G - verified customer

    honestly the best purchase I have made. Litterally anything i need it for on the line or in prep. Super durable, holds an amazing edge and fits perfectly in my hand. Never felt more comfortable with a knife in my hand. This is my first high carbon knife, was hard to get used to, but its worth keeping this beauty in tact.

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      Product Review, July 26, 2014
    Posted By: Skyler - verified customer

    Super light, razor edge (didn't come as sharp as my other Moritakas however), and develops an amazing patina. My mirepoix/big veggies knife.

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      Product Review, June 26, 2014
    Posted By: Jason - verified customer

    Fast delivery. Great service. Beautiful knife. Very sharp out of the box.

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      Product Review, September 25, 2013
    Posted By: Jake - verified customer

    a beautiful knife modeled after the masamoto ks wa gyuto. it is still very much a moritaka, the construction is less precious than the original KS, could be a workhorse but id rather keep it for slicing.

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      Product Review, April 29, 2013
    Posted By: J.Gilman - verified customer

    Amazing blade. I won't repeat what everybody else has already said. I'll just add they it lives up to the hype.

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      Product Review, March 29, 2013
    Posted By: J.Gilman - verified customer

    Amazing blade. Large and agile at the same time. I've never used anything like it.

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      Product Review, December 10, 2012
    Posted By: Philip - verified customer

    I received this knife the other day, and used it for some prep. It's an impressive knife and the steel is awesome. The handle is large, but not terribly unwieldy. I wouldn't recommend it for beginners, as much care is needed to maintain the investment. And, I do view this as an investment. Your knife skills need to be very solid at the very least in order for this knife to work the way it's meant. It's very easy to sharpen and unlike some other knives, you don't need a huge secondary bevel to achieve a screaming sharp edge. With proper care and technique, this knife will perform very well.

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      Product Review, September 15, 2012
    Posted By: Poljak Dujo - verified customer

    IF YOU CAN'T BUY LASER FOR $ 200, BUY MORITAKA!Moritaka is no ordinary knife, not for ordinary users who do not pay attention to the knife. To clarify, rusting very easily, it is very fragile, handle is not for the strong vertical pressure, it is sensitive to shocks such as glass, ...But! Moritaka aogami super steel blade is better than any knife in my house. I have a Tojiro Western Deba (VG 10 steel), tojiro ITK 120 mm of petty shirogami steel, set of butchers F. Dick knives (0.5 Cr Mo Va no stain steel), Victory Inox, Wenger knife, ..This knife comes out of the box unexpectedly dull (not shave the hair), but because of the extremely small angle of the blade (about 5 degrees on each side) and even dull very easy to cut vegetables, fruits, meat, ...After a few minutes of sharpening on the extra-extra fine DMT dia-sharp plates moritaka becomes LASER sharp!Very easy to sharp, especially for the 65 Rockwell blade. It's very lightweight,feel a lot shorter knife in the hand.For fine chopping of vegetables, fruits, meat is excellent. No belly on the blade, full length the blade is on the board which is great to me.The forums often speak of deafness for sandwich steel (san mai), I tested san mai and full metal and I do not see a significant difference, moritaka is better on the board!GEOMETRYwell:- Extremely sharp- Extremely sharp- Extremely sharp- Straight blade without belly- Sharpening angle of 5 degrees on each side- A nice balance, agile in the hand, lightbad:- Japanese Handle is not for stronger vertical pressure (hard cheese, big melons, big cabbage, ..)- I prefer European full tang handleSTEEL:well:- Excellent edge retention (much better than the VG10, shirogami, f. Dick CrMoV ...)- Very easy to free hand sharpening even without any experience, a few minutes 2 times a year for home use.bad:- Very fragile (the outer layer of softer steel does not have sufficient tenzile strength to prevent cracking)- The blade easily rust and patina gain (typical for carbon steel)CONCLUSION:Moritaka is not an SUV, Moritaka is a Ferrari!!!Moritaka Gyuto is for those who are looking for specialized kitchen knife designed for delicate precision jobs that require extreme sharpness. Soft tomato and similar is a specialty of moritaka.With the Moritaka you need one blade for rougher kitchen jobs. Knife of tougher stainless steel with European full tang handle for cutting harder foods.I have tojiro Western Deba and use it as a knife and cleavers. Chickens or lambs bones are no problem for Deba.If I chose now, MORITAKA SUPREME DAMASCUS would be my choice because the outer layer of stainless and hopefully total of tougher knife. (I think it's worth the price difference)If you are looking for excellent kitchen SUV as the only knife in the garage see something stainless, tough as MAC ULTIMATE or similar.Sorry for my English, greetings from Croatian!

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      Product Review, July 21, 2012
    Posted By: Tim Darlington - verified customer

    Just got this knife in tonight. Starting out I'd like to say: I've got a Moritaka nakiri and a petty from Mark already. Alongside the reputaion of the Moritaka Hamono, I already trusted Mark Richmond as a seller. I knew he would never sell anything that was not top quality. That's why I buy all of my knives and sharpening supplies from this site. But beside that, I've got to say that both the nakiri and the petty (130mm) have been real treasures to me in a professional setting. I've slapped the hands of new guys in the kitchen for picking up my Moritakas, they just don't have the respect nor the skill to handle one. They are my babies. But I wanted a real multitasker for so long, and a nikiri can only go so far. I wanted a real multi-task tool, something that the Japanese aren't really known for. Each knife usually serves a few functions particularly well, and not much else. So seeing that Moritaka has created a blade profile that generally speaking fits the Multi-tasker profile, I really wanted to jump on the bandwaggon.I have to point out that I was not gung-ho about dropping 230 on a knife originally. I have gotten very high end single beveled, traditional Japanese knives before, and while they are amazing at what they do, I was really in the market for something that would a) fit my budget and b) do everything that a good knife should do. I think I've found it with this knife. Already this is my go-to knife for everything. Specialisation is great, if you've got the tools. Having a tool that meets any task, no matter how big or how small, that there is something worth getting to know.In short: If you're looking for a chef's knife, this may be the one for you. If you already are a fan of Moritaka's products and are looking for the rare oppertunity to find a knife that isn't specialized but very ranged, this is for you. Dang, if you're just looking for a Japanese knife, this may not be for you but it won't put you off I should think. Top marks all around.

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      Product Review, July 21, 2012
    Posted By: Tim Darlington - verified customer

    P.S. all the talk about Moritakas being under or unevenly ground, it may be true, it may not. But just talk to Mark and he'll lay your fears to rest, to be sure. He won't sell you a busted knife, and I am testimony to that. A man who loves knives like Mark does will never sell a bad knife. It's not in his blood.

    Was this rating helpful to you?   Yes   No
      Product Review, June 28, 2012
    Posted By: Deng Xu - verified customer

    Sharpest knife I have ever seen! Its light for me, and it's easy get rusting! You can smell the rust when it's rusting! Anyway, it's a very sharp knife!

    Was this rating helpful to you?   Yes   No
      Product Review, May 30, 2012
    Posted By: Alex Cabral - verified customer

    Beautiful construction, amazing handle (my last moritaka came with the old circular handle) the factory edge is ok, i will pass it through the stones in a couple of weeks and im sure that it will make a world of a difference, im in love with this knife, order it with the magnetic saya, good call on that one, i hate pins =Pbut why 4 stars? cause as someone else wrote here, if you buy this knife, u r committing to take care of it (kind of a girlfriend =P) so that means dry towell all the time a side of it to wipe it dry, know that honing is not a religion is just casual and have a couple of whetstones.. and strops... and compounds... and patience =P

    Was this rating helpful to you?   Yes   No
      Product Review, April 18, 2012
    Posted By: Rob Babcock - verified customer

    I kind of got off on the wrong foot with this knife. Originally I ordered it because the Ultimatum was out of stock; well, as fate would have it both versions arrived after I ordered the KS but before it arrived! I briefly considered asking if I could return it but I decided to give it a shot, and now I've very glad I did.First off, some minor negatives. All handmade knives, especially the more affordable ones, can have some quirks. My particular version is a bit rougher than any other Moritaka I've run across. It wasn't completely straight (but then many knives aren't). It also had a very poor factory edge, at least by my standards. This doesn't concern me at all since I always sharpen a new knife before use. But a bit more annoying was the fact that the heel was under-ground. To be honest, I deal with a lot of knives, so I tend to notice issues that casual users don't. And I have the experience and tools to fix most of the issues I run across. This might have really flumoxed a newbie purchaser.That said, it was a pretty simple matter to whip the KS into shape. After straightening it up a bit and trimming the heel a bit I used the following progression: Atoma 140 > Shapton 320 > Leather belt > Chocera 800 > Chocera 2k > Chocera 3k > Chocera 5k > Snow White > Chocera 10k > CKtG (JNat) Jyounsyunhonyama > Yaganoshima Asagai > 'Roo leather. The geometry of the KS is fantastic! Virtually no stiction! And it's a really great cutter. I love the overall shape, and it has a very long flat spot. It's close to the perfect shape. And of course, it takes a screaming edge as you'd expect from Moritaka and Aoko steel.It's a bit hard to assign stars. For the average buyer that doesn't have much for tools, this may have been a 3 star knife OOtB. After some tinkering with it I have no reservations giving it the full five. So I'm splitting the difference and giving it four.If you're willing to put in some work this is a spectacular gyuto!

    Was this rating helpful to you?   Yes   No
      Product Review, February 26, 2012
    Posted By: Cory - verified customer

    First off i would like to say that two day shipping rocks! Next my moritaka came dull. It had a sharp tip but a pretty dull blade overall. Moritaka offers a free resharpen on new knives but i decided to take matters into my own hands. I proceeded with beston 500, to arishyama 1k to suihero rika 5k and a basic leather strop. The thing is screaming sharp and was really easy and smooth to sharpen. It has a wonderful grind that is perfect for rough veg prep but it is a nice light laser esque blade that is really fast. I love the 250mm length and feel. This knife is so much better looking in person as well. It has a really nice rustic look that i love. Overall i would give this thing a 5/5 even if it came sorta dull :P No biggie if you have the stones!Been using it a week or two now in a professional kitchen. With stropping after shifts the edge retention is real nice i am loving the aogami super steel and have had many compliments on how nice and sharp it gets from fellow cooks.LOVE this thing! plan to add a few more moritaka knives to my knife kit.

    Was this rating helpful to you?   Yes   No
      Product Review, February 18, 2012
    Posted By: Chris (No ChoP!) - verified customer

    I put this knife in a head to head battle with a slew of other gyutos including a Carter; all sharpened the same; It was by far the best cutter of the bunch. The huge bevel, hard AS steel, and awesome grind add up to a super impressive performer. This new profile is agile and versatile. My Moritakas are quickly becoming my favorite go-to's.

    Was this rating helpful to you?   Yes   No
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