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Fujiwara FKM Stainless Sujihiki 270mm
Fujiwara FKM Stainless Sujihiki 270mm Fujiwara FKM Stainless Sujihiki 270mm
Fujiwara FKM Stainless Sujihiki 270mm Fujiwara FKM Stainless Sujihiki 270mm

Fujiwara FKM Stainless Sujihiki 270mm

Item #: FKM-06

Average Customer Rating:
(5 out of 5 based on 11 reviews)

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Our Price: $88.00
This is the larger version of the lovely 240mm FKM Sujihiki. Sometimes extra blade length is not a priority but in the case of a suji it is usually always welcome. A longer blade makes for easier and more efficient slicing..especially with larger cuts of meat and fish.

With a sijihiki this increase in blade length does not impact weight or bulk as much as other knife designs. Fujiwara have constructed this knife out of a tough and easy to maintain stainless steel. The steel is hardened to a HRC of 58-59 which is softer than many other stainless blades but does not compromise edge retention. In fact, sharpening is made slightly easier due to this reduced hardness. The grind is very well executed and the total knife weight is a comfortable 6 ounces. Speaking of comfort.....that is the best word to describe the black Pakka wood handle and finely finished stainless steel bolster. Pinch or western grip proponents are both catered for with this set up. The Fujiwara FKM Sujihiki is a really fine knife with performance and looks the equal of knives costing many times its price. If you are looking to add a speciality blade to your knife quiver without breaking the bank or you are setting out on the Japanese knife road, then this would be a great place to start.

  • Weight: 6.0 ounces
  • Blade Length: 270 mm (10.5")
  • Overall Length: 395 mm (15.5")
  • Thickness at Heel: 2.2 mm
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    Product Reviews

    4  Awful Shipping , July 18, 2019
    Posted By: A - verified customer

    Shipping took 13 days!

    Knife was Great

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    5  Fujiwara FKM stainless Suji, January 10, 2019
    Posted By: Mark

    Considering the price point I'm surprised how impressive this knife is. Fit and finish on the one I got is really quite good and after touching it up on the EP I found it takes a really sharp edge. Very happy with this purchase and will be looking at other Fujiwara knives in the future. Great prompt service from CKTG as well!

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    5  Fujiwara FKM Stainless Sujihiki 270mm, December 11, 2018
    Posted By: Mark Shimasaki - verified customer

    Really great value in my opinion. Fit and finish are very good and it sharpened up easily and well. I would highly recommend this knife.

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    5  Great, March 22, 2017
    Posted By: Brian - verified customer

    Ive used this almost daily since I've gotten it s few weeks ago and I love it. Good starter knife for a kit if you're doing a lot of slicing or skinning salmon filets. Definitely no complaints

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    5  So nice I bought it twice , January 4, 2017
    Posted By: Jesse - verified customer

    I bought one of these for myself around March I think.. For the price point, I doubt anything can match it. I bought another as a gift for an employee.. Good F&F, good steel.

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    5  Perfect baseline sujihiki, July 17, 2016
    Posted By: Rob - verified customer

    I've been using this knife for around two years as my general use slicer in a professional environment and I can't recommend it enough. The FKM line is an ideal line for commercial use and is a still a great choice for the home user. Its fit and finish and production values are quite good, almost on par with the German makers. It's ground thin enough that it manages any task pretty well but is still tough enough to stand up to a little hard use. It sharpens easily, holds its edge pretty well, and can be lightly honed with no ill effects. It has a little bit of flex, great for skinning large fish, but it's just stiff enough to carve beef.This is not the best sujihiki I've ever used, but dollar for dollar only the Tojiro DP line comes close and this is the better knife. The monosteel FKM feels a bit better on the board and the DP chips a bit more easily.I like the line so much I've also bought a complimentary gyuto for myself. Two of my coworkers have likewise purchased FKMs after trying mine.

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    5  Simple elegance, excellent price , July 10, 2016
    Posted By: Ramon - verified customer

    If you are looking for a suji as a specialty knife that u won't use all the time this is a great option. It is thin and performs well. Came sharp ootb. I didn't to any fancy tests but it shaved comfortably, and pulled off the thinnest of Ra chicken and beef slices. I don't understand why people use sujis as all purpose knifes but if your one of them and on a budget I guess the edge retention police wouldn't come and get you. It actually seems to hang in there with other stainless that are hardened slightly more. My main concern for an inexpensive suji or any suji is thin behind the edge and it works quite nicely! Definetly recommend it! F&f seemed nice too.

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    5  Product Review, May 22, 2013
    Posted By: warren chow - verified customer

    I got this knife the same time as I got the Shun sujihiki 9.5 inches. this knife is just as good if not better than my Shun, better price and is lighter. It's also about 20% thinner than the shun and makes slicing a breeze. Amazing knife for an amazing price.

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    5  Product Review, August 27, 2011
    Posted By: steven charles - verified customer
    2 people found this review helpful

    l love this knife. Have a few of the Shun and this is of the same quality...thanks Mark

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    5  Product Review, October 2, 2010
    Posted By: Huy - verified customer

    Very surprised at the quality of this knife because it is so affordable. Fairly sharp OOTB, sharpens up easily, nice profile, nice pakkawood handle, nice fit and finish for a japanese knife. i am amazed at what i got for the money...

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    5  Product Review, October 29, 2009
    Posted By: johnarmr - verified customer

    This knife rocks ! I have a couple of different knives in this line from fujiwara and I am totally satisfied with all of them . I recently got this knife and it came with good if not great fit and finish the out of the box edge was pretty good but it sharpened right up with ease. The only downside of this knife (which doesn't bother me) is that it is slightly softer steel than some of the other Japanese knives but I get a full 5 working days in a prof. kitchen before i need to sharpen this knife and I use it quite a bit instead of a chef knife or gyuto !

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