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Suehiro Debado 1500 Grit
Suehiro Debado 1500 Grit Suehiro Debado 1500 Grit
Suehiro Debado 1500 Grit Suehiro Debado 1500 Grit

Suehiro Debado 1500 Grit

Item #: 2000-SNE

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(5 out of 5 based on 2 reviews)

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Our Price: $80.00
Suehiro Debado 1500 Grit Ceramic Sharpening Stone. Ceramic stones are excellent at cutting a wide variety of today's harder steels. These stones are Suehiro's high quality professional line of stones and they make them with a special curing process using small kilns and high heat which adds stability and long lasting stones that won't crack and can be soaked for long periods of time. They also have a side surface and a no-slip base and include a nagura for cleaning the stone and a plastic storage case.

  • Manufacturer: Suehiro
  • Grit: 1.5K
  • Stone Size: 205×73×23 mm (8×2.8×0.9'')
  • Material: Ceramic
  • Storage Case: Plastic
  • Stone Holder: Base Included
  • Made in Japan
  • Nagura: Included.
  • Customer Reviews

    Product Reviews

    5  Amazing value, December 26, 2018
    Posted By: Seth

    Simply put,the debado SNE stones are an amazing value. This is the new formulation of this already fantastic line of stones. They’re harder, require even less water (actually splash n’ go), and wear remarkably slow for how smooth they feel. I put these on par with the naniwa professional and shapton glass. The 600 is somewhat of an oddball for most but I’ve come to really appreciate the finish that comes from a 600-1500/2k progression. In your face “GIVE ME YOUR MONEY” kind of aggression. This stone has the perfect balance of speed and tactile feel. It reminds me a lot of the chosera 400 but just SLIGHTLY softer but somehow more agressive. A lot more agressive actually as it’s very apparent from the scratch pattern. Looks less “sandblasted” and more of visible scratch pattern. I wouldn’t reccomend this stone for a beginner because they’re deceptively quick. This stone will get away from you if you don’t check your work frequently. However that might be a good thing. I mentioned it was slightly softer than the pro 400. I noticed when my angle was off the stone it would make my knife come to halt which deterred any serious gouging. If I had to describe what it feels like: luxurious but agressive, slightly grainy but deliberate. If your into extremely hard stones this may not be up your alley but if you like stone like the naniwa professional, look no further. Comes with an awesome base with grippy rubber feet that you can flip the stone into to store after drying or fill it with water if you feel like giving it a quick soak (doesn’t need it IMO). The corners come champhered out of the box. Made individually with artisanal care. You can’t go wrong. I’m so impressed with this line from suehiro and I’m truly baffled why there aren’t rave reviews about them already. Truly a diamond in the rough.

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    5  What a GEM!!!, December 25, 2018
    Posted By: Seth Wright

    This stone is everything I wanted it to be and more. As soon I touched my knife to it I was blown away by how buttery smooth it was! Being the newest formulation of the debado SNE, it’s supposed to be harder and be a true splash and go. I can attest that is in fact a true splash and go. Surprising how little water was needed. I’ve never been much of a 1k kind of guy. Always found myself on the 800 chosera or the 2k shapton glass. Two stones that have almost completely different purposes but nonetheless I retain that I’m not a fan 1k stones. They feel too generic and soulless, flat you could say. This 1500 has qualities of both of the aforementioned stones. It not only cuts quickly but leaves an incredible polish. I’m having trouble articulating what it feels like to sharpen on it without sounding like a lunatic haha.. but “creamy” says it all. Almost like sharpening on a frozen block of slowly melting butter. It easily removed the 600# scratches in about 2-3 passes while achieving a very high luster bordering a mirror polish. Followed with the debado 6k and you’re in there like swimwear. I almost forgot to mention this is a relatively hard and slow wearing stone, huge bonus! This stone makes for an excellent touch up stone as well as a more than capable substitute for a 1k/medium grit sharpening stone. Being harder and less friable than most medium grit sharpening stones it leaves a very crisp apex with a ton of bite. Not once was I worried about the dreaded “three body abrasive” ploughing into my edge. All in all this is a steal for the quality and performance. This stone has taken my #1 spot for all time favorite synthetic. What an absolute gem!

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