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Daovua Pipeline Steel Kiri Cleaver
Daovua Pipeline Steel Kiri Cleaver Daovua Pipeline Steel Kiri CleaverDaovua Pipeline Steel Kiri CleaverDaovua Pipeline Steel Kiri Cleaver
Daovua Pipeline Steel Kiri Cleaver Daovua Pipeline Steel Kiri CleaverDaovua Pipeline Steel Kiri CleaverDaovua Pipeline Steel Kiri Cleaver

Daovua Pipeline Steel Kiri Cleaver

Item #: Pipeline-KiriCleaver

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Our Price: $75.00
For over a year we have been buying knives from a company in Vietnam that we discovered by pure chance. We started off with a very simple and very rough santoku. But during that time we have seen a huge improvement in the knives they send as and an ever increasing diversity to those knives in terms of styles and profiles.

Enter the Kiri Cleaver! As the name suggests, this unique blade is basically a kiritsuke-tipped cleaver. It has a fairly substantial curve to the edge, making it a rockerís dream. But the tanto tip makes it a better choice for more delicate slicing and food prep. Also, the reverse angle tip means there is a lower spine-to-edge ratio. Less spine, less weight. In this case we think it represents almost a 2oz saving over a regular cleaver of similar dimensions! (Please note that all measurements are approximates.)

The blades themselves are fashioned from old pipline steel that are recycled from the oil and gas industry. Daovua says the steel is a little harder than the leaf spring series they make and that translates into better edge retention. A well finished and good looking ergonomic handle finishes off this unusual but very practical cutting tool.

  • Blacksmith: Daovua
  • Location: Vietnam
  • Construction: Mono Steel Hammer Forged
  • Steel Type: Pipeline Steel (Recycled Carbon Steel)
  • Weight: 8.2 ounces
  • Blade Length: 182 mm
  • Total Length: 330 mm
  • Spine Thickness at Base: 2.8 mm
  • Blade Height: 87.0 mm
  • Handle: Ergonomic Shape (they vary from knife to knife)

  • Customer Reviews


    10 review(s) WRITE A REVIEW (Reviews are subject to approval)
      Youíre not paying for a name!, December 18, 2021
    Posted By: Robert Dewey

    I couldnít like this knife better if I made it myself and I do make knives as a hobby! Good steel, great handle, nice light weight, balanced, feels great in your hand, easy to sharpen, holds a nice edge and I love the rustic look.

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      Fun kiri, February 13, 2021
    Posted By: Snare - verified customer

    Got the kiri with finish sharpening service and its just fun. The knife is tall and feels good in my hand. I can still put a fine dice on some shallots with ease. I really love the shape of the handle.

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      Pleased, December 23, 2020
    Posted By: William von Hacht - verified customer

    Excellent blade

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      Do it, October 25, 2020
    Posted By: Malik - verified customer

    If your on the edge about this knife don't think anymore just get it best knife hands down I am a chef I use this for daily use and haven't been happier with a knife in my life

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      Great knife, August 13, 2020
    Posted By: Mike - verified customer

    Unique blade. Great beginner cleaver and a good starter for carbon steel. Working in a commercial kitchen for eight hours a day and it is holding up, but does need to be honed at least once a day.

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      Literally in my hands in 24 hours, July 9, 2020
    Posted By: Graydon mcdonald

    I placed the order tuesday morning and by wednesday afternoon I had the knife in my hands, it has a good balance and excellent handle quality. Looking at getting the santoku next

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      Love it!, July 6, 2020
    Posted By: Lisa - verified customer

    My chef son had been eyeing this knife. We both love it.

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      A Knife With Character, June 4, 2020
    Posted By: Ryan Gilmore

    Look, this is a $75 knife made from recycled pipe steel. You shouldn't be expecting a Hattori Hanzo blade. What you do get is a very interesting knife that sharpens exceptionally well and excels at push cutting. The grind is a bit, shall we say, rustic, giving it a somewhat brutish appearance, but I actually really like that. I like the lack of elegance, I like the bit of heft it has, and I like its uniqueness. Its a cool knife. Would I slice something delicate with it? Probably not (though it handled carving up tuna steaks surprisingly well). But this thing will plow through onions, carrots, peppers and even chicken bones like a friggin champion and it will really stand out on your knife wrack amidst the fancy blades. Recommended!

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      Great knife for the price, June 1, 2020
    Posted By: Brannon Andersen - verified customer

    I was given this knife for a birthday present. I was interested in it because it is a unique knife with an interesting story and I had wanted a cleaver type knife for a while. I have now been using the knife for a couple of weeks. The knife itself is very well made, especially the handle - its quite beautiful. The knife was pretty sharp out of the box, but I did sharpen it a bit more. Its great for chopping vegetables and scooping them up, especially as the blade is curved and allows rocking. I'm still getting used to the weight and shape of the knife so I can't comment about doing more delicate work with it. However, I've found the blade is a bit thick for slicing. I won't be giving up my chef's knife anytime soon! Still, the Duova Kiri is a solid, fun, and useful knife and a great conversation piece. I really like the fact that the knife is made from recycled pipeline steel.

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      solid cleaver, May 19, 2020
    Posted By: elliot escalier - verified customer

    not too bulky, I like the thickness of the blade. not a finished edge out of the box but it takes one nicely. I would recommend!

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