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Suehiro Cerax 320 Grit
Suehiro Cerax 320 Grit
Suehiro Cerax 320 Grit

Suehiro Cerax 320 Grit

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Our Price: $65.00
Suehiro Cerax 320 Grit. Chefknivestogo is an authorized dealer for the Suehiro stone company in Niigata, Japan. The Cerax line of stones is their top of the line stone line that they developed to compete with Naniwa's Chosera line. The stones are quick cutters with a high concentration of abrasives in the stone. They require a quick soak before use. This stone measures 205 x 73 x 50mm. The stone comes with a small rubber holder that works well if you're sharpening on a counter top.

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3  Okay stone - maybe my expectations were too high, August 1, 2019
Posted By: John Potter - verified customer

I have a number of other Suehiro stones, but this is my first in the Cerax line. I wanted a medium coarse stone for restoring knives that had an S shaped cutting edge - not by design but (usually) because the owner used some sort of pull-through sharpener like the V sharpeners with carbide hones. I also wanted a stone that would be good for establishing an edge on very dull knives. I sharpen knives at a local farmers market on weekends, and people bring in quite the variety of kitchen knives, with brands ranging from inexpensive Farberware and low end Chicago Cutlery to decent Zwillig and Wustof to high-end Shun, Global, and Mac.Since I sharpen on a low portable table, with a pan of water and a spray bottle for keeping stones wet - but no sink or running water - I like to use stones that do not dish easily, and that are either splash-and-go or retain water well after soaking.
I have a Shapton Kuromaku 320 that was my go-to stone for medium coarse, but I wanted a larger stone, so after some research online I decided to try this Cerax 320.
The Cerax 320 cuts fairly quickly, but the mud it generates feels quite gritty (like it is full of sand) and I am not fond of the "feel" while honing. I thought maybe there was some sort of manufacturer's coating that needed to be removed, but I have lapped the stone several times with my Atoma 120/400 double sided lapping plate and did not feel any change.
My other Suehiro stones are excellent (5-star) sharpening stones. I have a Debado 1000 (MD-100) that has replaced my green Naniwa Chosera 1000 as a favorite 1000 grit, an Ouka 3000 that is technically a soaking stone, but retains surface water well after a 5-minute soak, and a Rika 5000 - also a soaking stone that needs only 3-5 minutes soaking. These all have a wonderful feel and leave a great edge.
My other coarse and medium stones include DMT diamond (coarse and fine), Chosera 600, and a Shapton Kuromaku 220. (I had a King Deluxe 300 but gave it to a local sushi chef because it was not being used much.)
Anyway, I will continue to use the Cerax 320, but it did not live up to my expectations. However, since I have no other experience with Cerax stones, please do not think this is a negative review. Three stars means my rating is Neutral - your experience might be radically different from mine.

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5  Excellent, April 18, 2018
Posted By: Quinn
2 people found this review helpful

I bought this to replace my Shapton Pro 320 that had treated me well for a few years. This is a better stone in my opinion it has much more responsiveness to it Iím guessing because itís softer and in a 320 stone itís nice to have. Cuts very well but isnít too fast so itís a perfect bevel setting stone to me. It does take time to soak probably minimum of 20 minutes but itís a giant stone so thatís understood. Iíve now got the 320, 700 and 1000 Cerax and theyíre all great. Oddly I love hard as can be polishing stones I feel like I can see better so I wonít be replacing the Glass 4k and 10k but Suehiro is a line to consider. Donít think the debado gokumyo is worth the money I only have one but the Cerax and the Rika 5k are all great.

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5  cerax 320, October 21, 2016
Posted By: mike - verified customer
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I used it to re-profile 2 knives. It cuts almost as fast as my 325 grit dmt plate but leaves a much finer scratch pattern. It has no noticeable wear so it wont need flattening after every use, and the rubber bottom that comes with it is nice so the stone doesn't slide around

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5  Product Review, January 2, 2010
Posted By: Darlene D. Bauer - verified customer
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My grandson (age 18) is thrilled with his knife set. He prepared a Japanese dinner for us on Dec. 24th. Now, he is saving to study Japanese cooking (sushi)in Japan.

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