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Tojiro Shirogami Yanagi 300mm - Click to enlarge
Tojiro Shirogami Yanagi 300mm
Item #F-910
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Tojiro Shirogami Yanagi 300mm. This knife is ideal for those that are looking for a good quality knife at an excellent price. The 300mm yanagi is one of the most popular sizes for this style of knives. The blade is constructed with a core of White #2 steel (also called Shirogami and White Paper 2 steel) sandwiched between a softer iron outer layer. White #2 steel will take a screaming sharp edge and well. These knives are traditionally single bevel and used primarily to slice raw fish, but many use these as standard slicing knives. The blade is attached to a Ho wood handle and water resistant resin ferrule.

Please note we can only ship Tojiro knives in the USA.

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Tojiro Shirogami Yanagi 300mm

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