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Japanese KnivesJapanese Knives
Japanese knives have several destinct differences compared to German knives. They tend to be lighter because most are stamped not forged. They also typically have little or no bolster and they also sharpen the edges more steeply. Here is a list of all the Japanese knives we sell on the site. Our top recommendations are Misono, Masamoto, Masahiro and Shun Elite.

Anryu Knives

Ceramic Knives

Doi Knives

Dojo Knives

Fujiwara Knives

Anryu KnivesCeramic KnivesDoi KnivesDojo KnivesFujiwara Knives


Global Knives

Goko Knives

Haruyuki Knives

Hiromoto Knives

Teruyasu-FujiwaraGlobal KnivesGoko KnivesHaruyuki KnivesHiromoto Knives

Ikeda knives

Itto-Ryu Knives

Kajihara Knives

Kaneshige Knives

Kamo Knives

Ikeda knivesItto-Ryu KnivesKajihara Knives Kaneshige KnivesKamo Knives

Kanehiro Knives

Kato Knives

Kikuichi Knives

Kitaoka Knives

Kiyotsuna Josaku

Kanehiro KnivesKato KnivesKikuichi KnivesKitaoka KnivesKiyotsuna Josaku

Kohetsu Knives

Konosuke Knives

MAC Knives

Maruyoshi Knives

Masahiro Knives

Kohetsu KnivesKonosuke KnivesMAC KnivesMaruyoshi KnivesMasahiro Knives

Masakage Knives

Masamoto Knives

Masazumi Knives

Misono Knives

Moritaka Knives

Masakage KnivesMasamoto KnivesMasazumi KnivesMisono KnivesMoritaka Knives

Murata Buho Knives

Nubatama Knives

Okeya Knives

Richmond Knives

Hiroshi Saito

Murata Buho KnivesNubatama KnivesOkeya KnivesRichmond KnivesHiroshi Saito

Saji Knives

Shigefusa Knives

Shun Knives

Sugimoto Knives

Suisin Knives

Saji KnivesShigefusa KnivesShun KnivesSugimoto KnivesSuisin Knives

Sukenari Knives

Takagi Honyaki

Takayuki (Sakai)

Takeda Knives

Tamahagane Knives

Sukenari KnivesTakagi HonyakiTakayuki (Sakai)Takeda KnivesTamahagane Knives

Tanaka Knives

Tetsuhiro Knives

Tojiro Knives

Yamashin Knives

Yoshihiro Yauji Knives

Tanaka KnivesTetsuhiro KnivesTojiro KnivesYamashin KnivesYoshihiro Yauji Knives

Yoshimune Knives

Sakai Yusuke knives

Zakuri Knives

Yoshimune KnivesSakai Yusuke knivesZakuri Knives
Home > Knife Types > Japanese Knives

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Japanese Knives

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