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Masakage KnivesMasakage Knives
Masakage's main goal is to offer amazing hand crafted Japanese knives. This small blacksmith shop is located in the Takefu Knife Village. They make excellent quality hand made knives that are a true pleasure to own and use. We have selected several of their top knife lines that use high quality steels and attractive finishes. All of the knives we offer are good for left or right handed users since they have equal edge grinds and octagonal or oval handles.

Masakage Yuki

Masakage Shimo

Masakage Koishi

Masakage Mizu

Masakage Kiri Damascus

Masakage YukiMasakage ShimoMasakage KoishiMasakage MizuMasakage Kiri Damascus

Masakage Kujira

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Masakage KujiraQuestions? CKTG Forum!About Us
Home > Knife Types > Japanese Knives > Masakage Knives

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Masakage Knives

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