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Saji KnivesSaji Knives
Saji Knives made by Takeshi Saji are one of representative works of present Echizen Forged Cutlery. Echizen (Takefu-city, Fukui Pref. today) is well known as a region of cutlery manufacturing having about 700 years history in Japan. Takeshi Saji is the third generation blacksmith, a leading maker of outdoor custom knives in Japanese style, but also works on kitchen knives today. The photo is of Takeshi Saji at work.

Saji Ginsan Stainless

Saji SG-2 Damascus

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Saji Ginsan StainlessSaji SG-2 DamascusQuestions? CKTG Forum!About Us
Home > Resources > History of Takefu Village/ Echizen > Saji Knives

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Saji Knives

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