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Suisin KnivesSuisin Knives
We are happy to introduce the SUISIN INOX Honyaki WA-Gyutos and Wa Sujihikis. These knives are shaped like Western-style Gyutos but are made with traditional Japanese wood handles that provide excellent grip. The blades are single-edged and are crafted with the same quality, style and sharpness as typical, traditional-style Japanese blades. All include a Saya blade cover. These knives are made in Sakai Japan.

Suisin Inox Knives

Suisin Shironiko

Suisin Inox Honyaki

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Suisin Inox KnivesSuisin ShironikoSuisin Inox HonyakiQuestions? CKTG Forum!About Us
Home > Resources > History of Sakai Knife Makers > Suisin Knives

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Suisin Knives

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