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Gyuto KnivesGyuto Knives
Gyuto knives are basically the Japanese version of a western chef knives with a few small modifications. First, most Gyutos do not have a traditional western bolster that runs down the base of the heel. Some also have traditional Japanese style handles and are called Wa-Gyutos. Japanese Gyutos are often made of thinner, harder steel which many professionals like because the knives can be sharpened to a steeper, sharper edge and the knives don't wedge through food as much because the blade doesn't push through food as much as thicker knives.

Gyutos 180-210mm

Gyutos 240mm

Gyutos 270mm

Gyutos 180-210mm Gyutos 240mmGyutos 270mm
Home > Knife Types > Gyuto Knives

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Gyuto Knives

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