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Takayuki (Sakai)Takayuki (Sakai)
Sakai Takayuki Knives has been cultivated through a long 600-year history. Well known throughout the nation, Sakai knives are created by the assured skills of craftsmen and boast top-class, clean cutting In 1982, the knives were designated traditional arts and crafts. While the number of craftsmen with excellent skills decreases each year, the superb workmanship and technology that create the knives maintain an excellent reputation.

Inheriting the long-established technologies of Sakai knives, Aoki Hamono Seisakusho Co., Ltd., started its business with the enthusiastic intent of manufacturing exceptional knives by adding more advanced technologies. Ever since our founding, we have achieved many unique technical developments and, through trial and error, continued to develop new products. We will spare no effort in creating knives that are beloved by people. We are proud of the long-established tradition of Sakai knives.

Takayuki Hammered Damascus

Sakai Takayuki Damascus

Sakai Takayuki Wa-Damascus

Sakai Takayuki Shiden

Takayuki Grand Chef

Takayuki Hammered DamascusSakai Takayuki DamascusSakai Takayuki Wa-DamascusSakai Takayuki ShidenTakayuki Grand Chef

Takayuki Ginsan Wa

Doi Knives

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Home > Resources > History of Sakai Knife Makers > Takayuki (Sakai)

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Takayuki (Sakai)

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