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Sujihiki KnivesSujihiki Knives
Sujihiki knives are basically western slicing knives that usually have a couple modifications. Sujihikis often have an asymmetrical edge and also do not have bolsters. Many have traditional Japanese handles on them and are called wa-sujihikis. These knives are liked by some because of their thin blades and versatile design. They are used as a replacement for a gyuto by some professionals and can be used to carve as well as fillet.

Sujihiki 240mm

Sujihiki 270mm

Sujihiki 300mm

Sujihiki 240mmSujihiki 270mmSujihiki 300mm
Home > Knife Types > Carving Knives > Sujihiki Knives

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Sujihiki Knives

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