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Takeda Stainless Clad Gyuto Medium 250mm
Takeda Stainless Clad Gyuto Medium 250mm
Takeda Stainless Clad Gyuto Medium 250mm

Takeda Stainless Clad Gyuto Medium 250mm

Item #: Takeda Stainless Gyuto M
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Takedaís knives are inimitable in aesthetic and character and are very highly regarded amongst many knife enthusiasts the world over. Known for being exceptionally tall, laser thin and light for their size, Takedaís gyutos also sport some of the best treated Aogami Super (AS) steel on the market. AS is prized for its ability to be treated to exceptionally high level of hardness which allows it to take and hold an incredibly acute and refined edge while also being relatively easy to sharpen and maintain.

The 250mm Takeda AS Stainless Clad gyuto employs softer stainless steel laminated over the core of carbon Aogami Super. While the edge should still be kept dry to avoid rusting, the stainless cladding goes a long way in enhancing ease of maintenance, corrosion resistance, and reducing reactivity with these knives when compared to iron or carbon steel cladding. While the kurouchi finish on the Stainless series is noticeably smoother and less rustic than the Classic series, we find that it provides for less drag while cutting, yet still maintains the integrity of Takedaís iconic aesthetic.

The blade geometry could be described as a 50/50 compound grind with the edge bevel running all the way to the primary grind which is rounded at the shoulder. Combined with how acute the edge angle is taken on these knives, the grind results in tremendous cutting performance and food separation. While having a long flattish sweet spot towards the heel, this gyuto does have some generous curvature which makes it an adept rocker. The handle is done in rosewood with an ebony ferrule.

  • Weight: 6.6 ounces
  • Blade Length: 250 mm (9.75")
  • Overall Length: 390 mm (15.25")
  • Thickness at Heel: 2.8 mm
  • Blade Height: 60.0 mm

    ** If you are buying a saya: The specifications of Takeda knives can vary so we prefer to fit the saya to the knife at the time you purchase the knife. We may need to make the saya to fit the knife. This will delay shipping 7-10 days. We will contact you if this is necessary.

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