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Idahone Fine Ceramic Sharpening Rod 12" - Click to enlarge
Idahone Fine Ceramic Sharpening Rod 12"
Item #R-12B
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Idahone Ceramic Sharpening Rod 12". This ceramic rod is used to hone your knives and maintain the edge. This rod is considered a fine rod and has a 1200 grit. This rod has an optional leather sheath that you can purchase using the drop down box. This is the exact same rod as the other one on the site except for the handle color. Here is a look:

Average rating is 5
By:  Houston
So. Il
Love these. They call it at 12000 grit and I think this is accurate. However,where this thing pulls double-duty is "cutting" the burr off of cheap steel edges. The 12000 grit with ultra light pressure leaves a fine edge for general kitchen chores. It is only fair to warn that these will break. They will also get stolen. My reason for purchasing here.
By:  Ed Lewis
Exactly as anticipated - beautiful tool along w/ eraser
By:  Larry Foy
Bought a ceramic sharpener then read that I should not use on my Japanese style knife???
By:  CK
This is a great honing rod.

Up to this point,I have used a global which seemed to do the trick. This rod is a finer grit than the global but seems to work every bit as well. (I donít know what the grit is,but perhaps somebody could chime in and say). When I purchased this,I also purchased the Mac rod which is also a nice addition. The Mac is a well made honing rod that deserves more time on my knives before I submit a review. That said,when using the both the Idahone Fine and the Mac,I have to say that the former gets the nod. The edge this puts on the blade is remarkably fine,provides some toothyness,all with just a few swipes. As for my knives,I have had success with this rod on the whole lot. This includes my softer all carbon Sabatiers,and my harder Japanese blades (Moritaka and Misonos,both carbon and Ux10s). Oh,and you Sabatier holders out there: Let me say that again. This rod does a very good job with the carbon Sabs: Just three or four swipes a side and you are really good to go. Great edge,great performance. Simply put,other than the fact that the build is not quite as robust as the Mac,this is a great rod for the price. Look at it this way,for the price of a decent bottle of wine,you can get a hone that really does help you maintain a screaming sharp edge with easy. What more could you ask for?

By:  Brent Kirk
I use this after every shift and maybe a little between and It gets the perfect edge for all your kitchen work . the leather sheath is perfect. It cleans up real easily and never wears out. Other cooks in my kitchen have the diamond rods and when their start to wear out which will happen eventually they ask to borrow mine. its perfect
By:  J. Brown
Excellent ceramic rod. Glad I decided on the 12". It’s very comfortable with my 10" knives. The leather sheath is much nicer than I expected and a great add-on. Very happy with the purchase!
By:  Jameel
Mt Laurel,NJ
Excellent hone. About 3 weeks into using a new Mac Mighty Chef’s knife,I felt a slight slip on one section of the knife when slicing a tomato. One series of strokes across this hone,and the knife was working like it was out of the box. The length is perfect for a 9.5 in chef’s knife. Highly recommended.

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Idahone Fine Ceramic Sharpening Rod 12"

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