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Takamura Migaki R2 Gyuto 210mm
Takamura Migaki R2 Gyuto 210mm
Takamura Migaki R2 Gyuto 210mm

Takamura Migaki R2 Gyuto 210mm

Item #: Takamura R2 Gyuto 210
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The Takamura Migaki 210mm gyuto offers a rare combination of extraordinary performance, cutting edge technology, exquisite craftsmanship, and competitive price. The knife is constructed of an R2 steel core wrapped in a softer stainless cladding. R2 is a powdered metallurgy steel which allows the knife to take extremely keen edges at very acute bevel angles and hold those edges exceptionally well. This knife does not depend on its advanced steel alone for its performance. The Takamura Migaki knives are laser thin with high quality grinds that fall through ingredients effortlessly.

  • Weight: 5.2 ounces
  • Blade Length: 212 mm
  • Overall Length: 336 mm
  • Thickness at Heel: 1.6 mm
  • Blade Height: 45.2 mm

  • Customer Reviews
    Average rating is 5
    By:  Matt
    Top quality knife with exceptional fit/finish and OTB sharpness. As a chef I have used/owned guytos made by many different manufacturers and this knife stands above them all. Easily the best knife,at any price,I own.
    By:  Nicholas Miller
    Lets start with the balance,perfect balance at the bolster.

    Fit and finish is out of this world amazing.

    Sharpness,I did not touch this up or order with CKTG sharpening.

    While doing bruinoise of ginger it was sticking into my board.

    Amazing knife wonderful to work with so far,looking forward to adding this to my rotation of work knifes.
    By:  Alex Cabral
    Mexico City
    First off all,this is the thinnest knife iíve ever seen,its ridiculous how thin its behind the spine,the shape it self has an aggressive tip and a nice tapper towards it,heck its even thinner than my second moritaka petty which i use for fine details. the blade profile its amazing,i love that even though itís not clad,it has a cool pattern towards the edge,edge OTB is amazing,i did strop it a bit on a 10,000k naniwa after a couple of uses and it has kept amazingly sharp. Fit and finish is unreal for this price. Havenít work it through a whole sharpening cycle,still havent figured out how im going to proceed with this one since its powdered steel,i think i will go mainly through shaptons and finish at 10,000k for a polished edge,i will write down another review when i do so. nevertheless for the price,this knife outperforms all the vg10 i own,it is my second to go knife since i love my aogami super ones,but itís growing a lot on me,I only wish we could get a wa version,and/or a 120mm petty for service,i would not hesitate in get one right away
    By:  John
    As other reviewers have stated this knife is insanely thin. The fit and finish is great but some may find the handle is a bit small. I use a pinch grip so this is not a big deal for me. Long story short if I let somebody I work with use this knife they are amazed and begin to rethink what sharp really means.
    By:  Jeremy Stull
    Fantastic knife! I always beat up new knives to see what there made of and I found out this knife is pretty awesome! It is also not hard to sharpen which is good since I sharpen all guys knives add at work so it saves me time.
    By:  Stefan
    This knife performs as advertised. Excellent fit and finish and the satisfaction that I supported Takamura-san and his sons. Keep up the excellent craft,Takamura-san!

    My wife exclaimed that the blade just falls through vegetables. If you are looking for a knife that gives you control and feedback,look no further.
    By:  Tre
    Very VERY sharp and Thin blade knife is great for everyday use
    By:  Skyler
    West Kelowna,BC
    This knife is a scalpel. Takes the most unreal steep edge due to it’s ridiculously hard steel. Thinnest chives in the world,can take apart octopus,slice sushi,anything that you need a fine edge for. Lasting 2 weeks in a high pressure kitchen between sharpening. A good strop/hone brings it right back.
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