Kanehiro Wa-Gyuto 210mm
Kanehiro Wa-Gyuto 210mm
Kanehiro Wa-Gyuto 210mm

Kanehiro Wa-Gyuto 210mm

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Kanehiro Wa-Gyuto 210mm. We have been searching for a blacksmith or small company to make a wa-handled equivalent of the popular Hiromoto knives. Kanehiro knives are offering just such a knife and we're happy to add their knives to our site. These knives feature aogami super steel on the core and the knife is then clad with stainless stainless steel to protect most of the knife from reacting with acids or moisture. These knives will only oxidize right along the edge. Knife sharpeners love aogami super steel because it takes an acute edge and holds it. The knives have high hardness of HRC 62-63. Spine thickness at the heel is aproxiamtely 3.5mm and quickily tapers toward the front of the blade and it weighs about 6oz but each one varies a little since they're hand made.


Customer Reviews
Average rating is 5
By:  Randy Henson
I am very favorably impressed. This knife was very sharp out of the box - cuts hanging newsprint as well as any knife I have.
By:  Keith Thomas
Magnificent knife! 25 (total) cutting edge and an 11 secondary bevel. Beautiful balance. I scored a leg of lamb straight out of the box and it cut through so the cutting was easily controlled. Like a surgeon’s scalpel. No force or sawing required. Leaves Shun and Global for dead! Try this to discover what a high-end Japanese knife really is.
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