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Ultimate Edge Deluxe Knife Bag 18 Pocket - Click to enlarge
Ultimate Edge Deluxe Knife Bag 18 Pocket
Item #2001 Evo Deluxe
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The Ultimate Edge is recognized as a premium manufacturer of Chefís Luggage whose innovations have inspired other manufacturers. They use only the finest materials and craftsmanship making their Chef Luggage built to last. The Deluxe Knife Bag is time tested to meet the demands of a professional environment.

Features include:

  • PVC laminated 600 denier polyester shell
  • Double stitched reinforced elasticized pockets
  • Fully zippered interior protective flap
  • Interior mesh accessory pocket
  • Fully reinforced, padded carry handle
  • D-rings to accommodate a Shoulder Strap
  • Deluxe Shoulder Strap
  • Interior and exterior business card holder
  • Interior Pen/Pencil Holder
  • Limited lifetime warranty*

  • Average rating is 4.6
    By:  cdarroch
    Very happy with this one.

    Portfolio design holds a TON of kit but doesn’t take up much room like a roll would. Water-resistant,wipes clean,and feels sturdily constructed.

    FITS: 300mm yanagiba with guard

    DOES NOT FIT: whisks,stick blenders,things with fatter geometry

    I’ve had a few,and this one’s the best so far.
    By:  Bryan G
    This bag is top notch. I really liked the casual/workhorse look of the Koobi bag and almost asked for that,but after talking to Mark and some KF members who have/had both ... I went with this one. It fits nearly everything you could imagine. As mentioned you would have a hard time fitting some full sized whisk in there,though you could get some smaller french sauce whisks in here. 300mm is tops on knives and with a saya if it is a large one you may run into some trouble. Main difference between this and others like the Koobi that lends the edge to this is the zippers. They are very sturdy as everything on this bag says "heavy duty gauge".

    Itís a bit pricey,but you know what they say.

    When you factor in the quality,profile,and how much it holds (great shoulder strap design too! it actually works correctly!) ... long term this is really a bargain.

    Only thing I didnít like was the logo stitched where it is ... but even that doesnít bother me anymore. Only other negative I could think of is if you have a bad memory you may have a hard time finding stuff in this thing and need to start working out to carry it when itís full.

    Getís my personal recommendation for lots of storage and small profile.
    By:  vasilis velentzas
    very good

    By:  Ira
    I’m a chef with vast experience in fine cuisine and just got this knife bag for Christmas from my wife. I have always used a knife roll in the past and really like the layered format of this bag to better organize and keep my knives from sliding around. The only thing it doesn’t fit from my old bag is my mandolin,but it’s worth the loss. My only complaint about the bag is that quite a few of the knife sleeves are a bit too small for many of the knife handles,but picking out the biggest sleeves for the biggest knives I found there to be just enough space (and I have alot of knives). A solid 4 stars,compliments to my wife,and I expect to be using this bag for many years to come.
    By:  David G
    Very nice knife luggage bag. Quality construction. Lots of storage pockets and sleeves. Should last a very long time. Bought it for my inspiring chef son. He loved it!
    By:  Aniceto Moreno Jr
    Great for the traveling chef. plenty of space for all your knifes and very sturdy if weight load is a concern. Great purchase.
    By:  JanusInTheGarden
    Do you own a "knife roll" and hate it? When they unravel they fill up so much space and when they fold up they seem to put pressure on certain spots if they are filled to capacity. This knife bag,on the other hand,compartmentalizes and safely stores an army of cutlery without being bulky or taking up too much space when opened. The front pockets make organization a breeze and the back pockets hold a surprising amount of tools. My only complaint is that it can’t hold thick tools like whisks; but what pro kitchen doesn’t have those? This bag is an awesome choice. You will never go back to a knife roll again!
    By:  James C
    Palo Alto,CA
    Absolutely fantastic bag. Holds a veritable ton of knives in it. My 300mm kiritsuke and yanagi fit in it (with saya) fit in it without any problems. One small issue is that the one side of the pouch holds regular sized handles and the other side holds slimmer handles. I’m not sure what the rational behind this is,but now I group all my chef knives and slicers and paring knives differently. Not a huge deal,but just different.

    Zippered 3rd compartment holds steels and other tools.

    Well made overall,but I got a few different colored monkey paws for the zipper pulls (hard to tell which compartment holds which)

    The shoulder strap is terrible. I use my trusty Tom Bihn strap to lug this back and forth.

    Overall,fantastic bag.
    By:  Scott
    bought for my son who is attending the Culinary Institute of America in NY. He loves the case and provides a lot of storage and is very durable
    By:  Renee Evelyn Trotter
    By:  Ed
    Love the bag,Great design,opening like a book,with good sized openings for knives,and protective sheet between sides. Service is top notch,notification and shipment within the day. Wonderful support!
    By:  Victor Rodriguez
    Las Vegas,NV
    I bought this for my lady,who is an advanced student and will soon be an accredited chef. She loves it,and all her colleagues are impressed. Great bag,it fits everything. She’s always prepared for anything.
    By:  arthur
    fla port st luice
    By:  mike
    I ordered this case because i wanted something that took up less space at work. The case does just that when it is closed and open! Very easy to store under a table or on a shelf. Plus it will fir in a locker if you have them at your work like i do!.

    The only problem I have with it is trying to remember where i put everything. Like some other review said you can’t fit anything that is to thick in the case but I knew that just by looking at it and that isn’t a problem for me. Now i just need to buy more knives to put in it. lol

    Mark from chefs knives is very nice to deal with and shipped VERY fast. I ordered the case in sat and had it on wed!! I will be ordering from him again. thx
    By:  Eric
    this is a perfect knife case,lots of room for everything and very elegant and classy to carry,from work or home...
    By:  Michael
    Awesome bag that I have used nearly everyday for two years and counting. Study construction that you can feel. Good for organizing your tools. Would recommend this to anyone who is interested. I completely vouch this product and fellow co-workers have since purchased it to their great satisfaction. Only problem I’ve had is with the front zipper (Ultimate Edge logo pocket) has busted,and the shoulder strap can be uncomfortable. Still a fantastic product
    By:  Dale
    Rochester NH
    This thing is great! So much room for my knives plus future purchases and plenty of storage for all your small tools. Quality is great as this thing is rugged. 110% happy with this kit!
    By:  vernon willis
    great bag. Couldn’t find one like this in ontario in any place i looked. The bag is great in the stitching,has alot of room for my knives,and other equipment,and i am thoroughly impressed with everything about this bag. Thanks Again for the service Chef Knives to go
    By:  brad block
    great product
    By:  Tim
    Western Mass
    best bag there is! never had a knife roll that would actually hold something in the 270mm (with guard) or 300mm and this has no problem with those lengths. plenty of space for everything you’d need at work

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    Ultimate Edge Deluxe Knife Bag 18 Pocket

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