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Takeda Classic Sujihiki/Yanagi 215mm Small
Takeda Classic Sujihiki/Yanagi 215mm Small
Takeda Classic Sujihiki/Yanagi 215mm Small

Takeda Classic Sujihiki/Yanagi 215mm Small

Item #: Takeda Classic Suji/Yanagi 215mm S
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The sujihiki is a knife used to carve cooked and raw meats. It is also often used for prepping and making sushi, substituting for a traditional Yanagi, which has a single grind. (Suji means tendon and biki means pull.) It is the Japanese version of the western slicer. This Takeda Sujihiki measures approximately 215mm on the blade. So itís on the short side for the style. The slender blade of this knife is the key to itís slicing abilities. The kuouchi finish enhances that capability by reducing the tendency for food sticking. Of course razor sharpness is the key to any great sujihiki and in this regard the Takeda Classicís super thin edge and acute bevel deliver on this promise. The hand forged central core of Aogami Super steel assures that this edge remains sharp and is easy to resharpen when necessary. This a really lovely knife which can perform the finest slices on a brisket as easily as a tuna loin. The knife comes with an octagonal, rosewood handle with ebony ferrule.

  • Thickness at spine: 2.2mm
  • Blade Height: 37.5mm
  • Length: 220mm
  • 3.6oz
  • Customer Reviews
    Average rating is 4
    By:  Aaron
    Interesting little knife. For the size it would be a great one to have if you work on the line and are cool with caring for carbon. Since this is more of a suji (as it’s double bevel) out of the box was the sharpest edge I’ve ever felt. Great for use on meats as it was meant for,but also don’t worry about using it on soft to medium hard food. Takes a very keen edge due to the AS steel,and will hold it a good while. I do however have to knock it down to 4 stars on two things:

    1. The handle is really close to the choil so stropping and sharpening you need to make sure that you don’t ding the handle.

    2. There is a very large gob of epoxy where they fixed the handle. Now,on a less expensive knife I wouldn’t worry to much,but since this isn’t I wasn’t expecting it.

    Over all though the good more than out weights the bad for the small things that are wrong. And the usual great service from Mark.
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