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Takeda Mioroshi Bocho 215mm Large - Click to enlarge
Takeda Mioroshi Bocho 215mm Large
Item #Takeda Classic Mioroshi Bocho L
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This Takeda Mioroshi Bocho Large is an interesting knife. A cross between a large petty and a deba, the knife has heft but is small enough to do all kinds of tasks. Measures 215mm. Spine thickness at the heel is about 3.77mm. Each one is a little differnet since they're hand cut.
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By:  david
perth australia
I puchased this as a dedicated fish filleting knife and recently tested it on a week long fishing trip. Filleting numerous large fish (up to 30lbs)every day,i never sharpened it the whole time,just stropped after each session.The aogami super stood up brilliantly.Traditional western filleting knives are flexible but this is thick like a deba. I thought this might cause me a problem but it didn,t and i found the tip section most useful,being extremely sharp,it was able to start cuts through hard scales with ease.

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Takeda Mioroshi Bocho 215mm Large

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