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Takeda Classic Sasanoha 240mm Large
Takeda Classic Sasanoha 240mm Large
Takeda Classic Sasanoha 240mm Large

Takeda Classic Sasanoha 240mm Large

Item #: Takeda Classic Sasanoha L
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The largest size in Takaedaís Sasanoha line makes a really nice alternative to a gyuto and sujihiki combo. This original and versatile blade is hand forged and shaped by Master blacksmith Shosui Takeda. He is definitely one of our favorite blade makers. His years of practice and study have empowered him with an amazing ability to forge this super steel into a very hard yet compliant blade offering super sharpness and edge retention. On the road to achieving the "perfect knife steel" there are always compromises to consider. In the case of Hitachiís Aogami Super Blue there are a few issues to consider. One issue is that it will discolor and take a patina through use as it oxidizes, however this does not effect the performance of the knife. Another consideration is that the hard edge can chip if not treated correctly. This is why it is often, as in this case, wrapped in a softer stainless steel to give it more support. Knives made from AS are primarily made for their superior cutting ability not for hard and abusive tasks. After all, you probably wouldn't go off roading in a Lamborghini (we hope). But buy this fantastic knife for the right reasons and you will be rewarded with an instrument of sublime capability and durability.

  • Weight: 5oz
  • Blade length: 241mm
  • Total length: 382mm
  • Spine thickness: 2.35mm
  • Blade height: 46.3mm

    ** If you are buying a saya: The specifications of Takeda knives can vary so we prefer to fit the saya to the knife at the time you purchase the knife. We may need to make the saya to fit the knife. This will delay shipping 7-10 days. We will contact you if this is necessary.

  • Customer Reviews
    Average rating is 5
    By:  Michael
    I was looking at the Takeda Gyuto for quite some time and decided to pick this beauty up instead because of the familiar shape of the knife. Edge retention and sharpness is almost unbelievable. On first use the knife immediately felt like I had been using it for years. Switching from a Tojiro DP 240mm what I thought was ’sharp’ now feels like a blunt instrument. Every time I use this knife it puts a huge smile on my face. The price is enough to deter most,but trust me - you will not find a higher quality hand crafted knife for such a good price elsewhere. I have absolutely no regrets purchasing this knife and I’m near certain you will feel the same. My ’240m’ sasanoha is actually 255m! Could not be happier
    By:  john
    midland mi
    A great knife. I purchased this knife about 2months ago and am completely satisfied. It came sharp out the bow and is very easy to sharepen. Takes an extremely fine edge and is easy to maintain.can’t say enough good things about it.
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