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Super Stone 1,000x, 2cm Thick, No Base - Click to enlarge
Super Stone 1,000x, 2cm Thick, No Base
Item #IN-2210
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The Naniwa Super Stones are made with a resin bond, which allows for a higher level of abrasive particles compared with less expensive methods of stone bonding. The higher abrasive levels contribute to the speed of sharpening. This 1k stone is very popular grit because it is really starts to refine the edge. It is great after using the 220 or the 400. If the edge is not dull or does not need a new bevel set, you donít need to start any coarser than this. These are splash-and-go stones, so no need for soaking prior to use. They measure 210mm x 70mm x 20mm. We are happy to be the only US distributor of Naniwa Super Stones that come in the larger 20mm thickness without bases.

Average rating is 4
By:  Tinh Khuong
San Diego,CA
Cuts on the slow side and soft. Aside from that it’s a very nice stone. Good feedback and very forgiving. Just be careful not to gouge it when leading with your edge.
By:  Katherine Winters
Greenbrier Arkansas
A great stone.The hone feedback is great. Chef Knives To Go had my $61.90 order in my hands in TWO days,at no cost to me. So long as they offer the thicker Naniwa Super Stones Without the base,I will be back. Thank You CKTG
By:  Chris Miller
This thing is smooth as butter. Leaves an impressive polish for a 1K. It is soft,but if your a slow and deliberate sharpener,like me,it shouldn’t be a problem.
By:  ctrippy1
These stones are softer than any others Iíve ever used,very easy to gouge. They seem to cut more slowly than the Norton stones I had previously but I like the finish it leaves on the edge. Easy to flatten.

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Super Stone 1,000x, 2cm Thick, No Base

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