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140 Grit Diamond Flattening Plate
140 Grit Diamond Flattening Plate
140 Grit Diamond Flattening Plate

140 Grit Diamond Flattening Plate

Item #: 140 Diamond Plate
Our Price: $29.95
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140 Grit Diamond Stone Flattening Plate. This one measures 8" x 2.75". These plates are not dead flat like the DMTs or Atomas which are 2 or 3 times the price but they are perfectly fine for flattening your stones or if you want to champfer the edges or for quick metal removal. If you're concerned about this pay the extra money and buy the DMT XXC or the Atoma 140 grit diamond plate. We offer them both on our site.
Customer Reviews
Average rating is 4.4
By:  C Flanagan
Excellent value. I have two,one for knife repair and one for flattening/ slurry.

It’s performed fantastically for tip repair. Cuts very quickly,with a decently even scratch pattern. By the same key,it brings up swarf instantly on a moderately hard stone.

Each plate did have one tiny flaw,a raised bit at some point along the edge. It’s not a dealbreaker (I filed it right off) but it will need to be addressed before flattening finer stones. For the price,I think it’s perfectly acceptable.
By:  ER
Will flatten a stone in minutes as well as being excellent for knife repair.

An all around great value,and a must have for anyone serious about keeping there stones flat.
By:  Chris Miller
Very similar to DMT,only a hair narrower. Works fast,great value. A must have.
By:  M
Flattens quickly and works up a slurry instantly. Great value and something everyone needs to accompany their stones.
By:  Jake Mitchell
Perth,Western Australia
The stone itself is gritty,but it arrived in a severely warped state sadly (each side was ~2mm higher than the center in a U shape)

Just posting this review so people know that there is the chance that this diamond plate can arrive in an unusable state for stone flattening.

I would suggest paying the extra for a DMT or,the one up from that’s name escapes me for the moment. Especially if you live overseas like I do.
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