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Shapton 6pc Starter Set
Shapton 6pc Starter Set
Shapton 6pc Starter Set

Shapton 6pc Starter Set

Item #: Glass Stone Starter Set
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Freehand sharpening is a skill built in conjunction with a set of tools. Having quality tools shortens the learning curve and makes the endeavor much more rewarding. This starter set has been assembled to make quality sharpening gear readily accessible in one spot to make getting started that much easier. This kit is built around the highly regarded Shapton Glass 1k and 4k water stones. These stones cut very quickly, wear out slowly, and are very easy to use since they require only a small splash of water to get started. The 1k and 4k combination is close enough together to make the transition between them fast and easy while the 4k is fine enough to give a better than factory edge to most knives on the market. The set also includes a stone holder to give added knuckle clearance while sharpening and to provide a solid, nonslip base for sharpening. The 140 grit diamond plate is used to periodically flatten the Shapton Glass stones. While the Shapton Glass stones do not wear very quickly, over time they will dish. Since the resulting high and low spots decrease the effectiveness of sharpening, the diamond plate is used to return the stones to flatness. The set also includes a hard felt block for burr removal to ensure the edge is as perfect as possible. Lastly, the 20x loupe allows new sharpeners to visually inspect the quality of their edges.

  • Shapton Glass Stone 1K
  • Shapton Glass Stone 4K
  • 123 Universal Stone Holder
  • 140 Grit Diamond Flattening Plate
  • Felt Deburring Block
  • 20X Illuminated Loupe
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