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Sakai Takayuki Hammerd Chef Knife 210mm - Click to enlarge
Sakai Takayuki Hammerd Chef Knife 210mm
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Sakai Takayuki Hammered Damascus Chef Knife 210mm Damascus, Hammered Steel - Damascus 17 layer with VG10 Hardness - Rc 60 (Special tempered to provide good feeling in use and ease of sharpening) This knife has a 50/50 bevel on the edge so is good for both right and left handed users.

  • weight: 6.4oz
  • blade length: 215mm
  • overall length: 335mm
  • spine thickness at heel: 1.8mm

  • Average rating is 4.4
    By:  Shawn
    albuquerque nm
    This knife is incredible. I have only used german knives before I bought this one and I don’t think I’ll ever go back.
    By:  Chris
    Los Angeles
    This is a great knife! Good balance & extremely sharp,with the looks to match it.
    By:  EZ
    This Hammered Damascus line is the knife of a hundred companies. I dont know if Sakai Takayuki finishes the knife off any different than Togiharu,Gekko,Yoshihiro,etc... but I had to give one a try and have to say that this knife is legit. Fit and finish are decent - barely crooked bolster but handle is a nice size and fit. Light yet doesn’t feel flimsy and damn sharp out the box. Bevel on mine is not 50/50 almost like a 60/40. The knife itself is a looker though the inclusion of "made in japan" under the kanji is a little corny. All these slight flaws don’t hinder the fact that this knife has been performing strong in a professional kitchen while getting a lot of use as a line knife and not being handled lightly. I haven’t sharpened it once,not even out the box and it is still cutting through almost anything with ease as long as I hone it every once and a while. Wouldn’t use for heavy prep or anything sloppy - handle can get a little slippery,and Im not saying it is taking down chicken bones but it was working fine on small pumpkins the other day. Overall,this isn’t some gift shop knife even though it is sold under many names and stories. I would recommend for any use - home,student,pro
    By:  Chris
    Good sharp knife right out of the box. Good weight and balance. Seems a little thin at the tip. Id recommend a knife sleeve.
    By:  Calvin
    Fort Worth TX
    Knife is very out of the box and does a great job,my only negative is that you have to hone it and sharpen it to often in my opinion. But over all 8.5 stars

    But I love my knife.

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    Sakai Takayuki Hammerd Chef Knife 210mm

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