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Sakai Takayuki Damascus Wa Gyuto 210mm - Click to enlarge
Sakai Takayuki Damascus Wa Gyuto 210mm
Item #14112 brown box/red 210
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This elegant, line of knives features a very hard silver-3 steel core that is clad in 63 layer damascus. The knife was designed and manufactured in small quantities by master blacksmith, Mr. Suogo Yamatsuka.

  • weight: 5.8oz
  • blade length: 201mm
  • total length: 352mm
  • spine thickness: 3.07mm
  • blade height: 45.58mm
  • Average rating is 5
    By:  Richard
    Western Mass
    My new Takayuki arrived yesterday. It really is a beautiful blade with little refinements that set it apart from any of my other knives. In terms of style it is most like my 240mm Kanehiro in weight and balance. In other words,itís a knife of considerable heft. And,if this knife is any indication,Iíd say the sharpness gap between carbon and stainless has really narrowed. I canít yet speak to how well it will hold its edge,but itís clear it can be made very sharp. The Magnolia wood handle is larger than any other Wa-gyuto in the block,and it is closer to square shaped than rectangular on the wide faces. I personally like the size,but I guess someone with small hands might find it bulky. Iíve only used the knife for one dinner prep,but it performed flawlessly. I have to admit that I currently use thinner,lighter blades most of the time,and the added weight and thickness took some adjusting to. At times I thought,"This blade is just too thick to make a thin,clean cut," but it delivered that cut every time. Iíd highly recommend this knife to anyone looking for something special in a stainless blade.


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    Sakai Takayuki Damascus Wa Gyuto 210mm

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