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Japanese Natural StonesJapanese Natural Stones
Japanese natural sharpening stones are becoming scarce because many of the mines are exhausted after centuries of quarrying them. These stones are mined in the Narutaki District near Kyoto and are well regarded by professionals. Japanese stones are softer than stones found in other areas and because of this they do not glaze as much as harder stones, since new material is constantly being exposed as you sharpen. There is basically 3 categories of stones. Ara-to which is a more coarse stone (500-1000 grit), Naka-to which is a medium grit stone (3000-5000 grit) and Shiage-to which is a fine grit stone (7000-10000). We are currently sourcing these stones through our partner and friend, Shousui Takeda and will be adding more stones over time. Since all stones are unique we will provide actual pictures of each stone along with accurate weights and measurements.

Ara-to Low Grit Stones

Nakado Medium Grit Stones

Shiag-to High Grit Stones

Ara-to Low Grit StonesNakado Medium Grit StonesShiag-to High Grit Stones
Home > Knife Accessories > Sharpening Stones > Japanese Natural Stones

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Japanese Natural Stones

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