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Nano Cloth 1X6" For Edge Pro - Click to enlarge
Nano Cloth 1X6" For Edge Pro
Item #Nano 1x6"
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Nano Cloth 1X6" For Edge Pro. After a great deal of research and experimentation, I have found a material that has almost no effect on sharpening an edge - less than leather, felt or balsa. For extremely fine compounds , you don't want what you put your compounds on to provide more abrasion than the compounds, so this is an IDEAL substrate for your finest compounds. MUCH less give than even the hardest of felts, this is a synthetic fiber producing a completely uniform surface that HOLDS compound in place. Available in three sizes 1x6" and 2x6" mounted on aluminum backing for the EdgePro (for use where space and portability is a concern) and 3x8" mounted on glass to give an exceptionally flat surface with outstanding characteristics. Use the 3x8" size in standard stoneholders Has less draw than Kangaroo leather and is suitable for use with the finest of compounds. Not ideal for use with pastes, but rather sprays with deionized water such as the CBN and poly and mono diamond compounds from 1 micron down to 0.025 micron diamond. Also doesn't fluff out from water. Provides an ultimate level of performance for knife and razor edges. Like leather, use edge trailing strokes only. Absolutely superb to use for edge touchups too!


Average rating is 5
By:  Mrmnms
Long Island,NY
Used the 2x6 with .75 and .1 cbn spray. Worked like a charm. Solid feel,super smooth. Great polish and forgiving .
By:  Andrew
festus mo
this is my first strop product but i have not had any roll over issues or any thing with it. it does cut very easy if you move it at to much of an angle though. only pull strokes with this but I have figured it out.

i’m using .25 spray on it right now,seems to work better wet for me
By:  Randy C.
This thing is wonderful; tried diamond spray on kangaroo but it beats that hands down!

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Nano Cloth 1X6" For Edge Pro

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