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Moritaka Gyuto 210mm - Click to enlarge
Moritaka Gyuto 210mm
Item #KG-210 Blue
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This Moritaka Supreme Series Gyuto measures 210mm on the blade. Their knives are made with Aogami Super Steel and come with a Kurouchi finish which adds great aesthetic appeal along with an attractive yew octagonal handle with buffalo horn ferrule. We highly recommend these knives and are proud to offer them. We are one of the only US distributors of these impressive knives.

  • weight: 5oz
  • blade length: 212mm
  • total length: 352mm
  • spine thickness at heel: 3.3mm
  • blade height at heel: 46.05mm

  • Average rating is 4.6
    By:  RobinW
    A cheap (-ish) way to a hand made Japanese knife.

    Grind on the bevel can be a bit uneven but the steel is great and performance is above price level.

    AS steel requires some care (not stainless),but ahhh the edges you get.....
    By:  Rick
    I recently received this knife as a Christmas present from my wife( which is more like a present to her since I do all the cooking:)and as soon as I opened it I was immediately impressed with the look and edge,I own Mac and Misono which I have bought through CKTG and this is by far the prie of my fleet.It cuts like a frickin light saber MAN!@!!
    By:  S. Hancock
    I rate this knife at 4 of 5 stars.

    After about six weeks of use,I am impressed with the sharpness of the blade and the knife’s balance. It feels good in he hand. It is also helpful that the knife has a western double bevel as opposed to the single bevel design found on many Japanese knives.

    The knife has a rustic almost rough look,however. It could never be considered a "work of art" as a fine sword might be. I used a food-grade mineral oil on the handle and that helped the appearance a good bit. But a buyer should think of this knife as a very good tool and not an object to be admired.
    By:  Mike Barber
    I bought this and a matching 130mm petty knife,and they are both absolutely fabulous. They’re light and perfectly balanced,and make my hand-forged Sabatier knives feel downright heavy and clunky. The black finish is very beautiful and serviceable,and stains much less than other carbon steel knives I’ve used. Highly recommended!
    By:  Dan M
    I recently purchased this gyuto from this website about a month ago. The service was immediate and shipment was hassle free. The knife itself has an undesirable appearance to it at first glance,but has soul... I am a professional chef and have put this blade to use. I use it to cut meat,peeled fruit and tuna primarily... Vegetables with membranes dull the blade quickly in one service,but it still works flawlessly on meats after the emergency tomato slice prep. Is it an all purpose knife? Not necessarily. If you buy this knife you must pamper it. Most of the black has come off due to use,cleaning and honing with a ceramic steel 5 nights a week. The black may be gone but the knife has improved its appearance and shown its true colors by constant care.
    By:  Jon
    I bought this knife based upon Mark’s recommendation for an excellent carbon-bladed wa-gyuto that could handle a professional environment. I must say,the man knows his knives.

    I love how comfortable this knife is,and the edge retention is insane. It was shaving-sharp out of the box,and has maintained that through three solid shifts without any sort of honing,sharpening,etc.

    Fit and finish was as good as can be expected on a rustic-looking knife,and I can see the handle lasting for a long time.

    Great knife,and yet another great experience dealing with CKTG.
    By:  Jon
    I bought this knife as recommended by Mark,and let me just say that he knows his knives. The edge on this thing is ridiculous,and its retention is incredible. It is very lightweight,yet feels sturdy. I bought this to be a workhorse,and it hasn’t let me down once. Yeah yeah,it rusts,blah blah,just wipe it down and dry it after you’re done using it,and you won’t have any problem. This knife looked rustic to begin with,but now that it has formed a patina,it just looks bad@$$. I HIGHLY recommend this knife.
    By:  mw
    Excellent. Handle well finished and seamless. Blade razor sharp and well balances. A+
    By:  Richard F
    This in my fifth or sixth knife from CKTG and they are outstanding. There is a lot to like about this knife. I’ve been using it for about three weeks and the steel is everything they say it is. My only complaint is the blade profile. It’s very flat. In fact the knife looks more like a narrow blade santoku than a gyuto. This profile works perfectly well for slicing,but when dicing and chopping the heel of the blade is jarring when it strikes the cutting board. I’ve altered my technique to compensate and even ground the heel down a bit,but I’m pretty sure I will send this knife off to a sharpening service to have its profile reshaped at some point in the future.
    By:  Anthony R
    San Francisco
    This knife was recommended to me by Mark and I am very satisfied. The knife has a great edge and looks great. Great purchase
    By:  daniel
    washington dc
    This knife feels like an extension of my hand. After a quick touch up on my stones I julienned 2 gallons of onions and 2 gallons of carrots and the knife was still sharp enough to keep going for the rest of the day doing light work. All the other chef’s and the line cook’s can’t believe that I got it for the price I did.

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    Moritaka Gyuto 210mm

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