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Misono Swedish Gyuto 240mm - Click to enlarge
Misono Swedish Gyuto 240mm
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Misono Swedish Gyuto 240mm

  • Blade Length: 240mm
  • Length: 335mm
  • Blade Thickness: 2mm
  • Weight:175g

    The Misono Swedish Steel series features steel from Sandvic Sweden which is high carbon steel that takes a steep edge and is easy to re-sharpen. The large knives also come with an attractive engraving that make these knives unique. On the smaller knives up to 210mm the knives come with a flower engraving and on the larger knives over 210mm the knives come with a very interesting and beautiful dragon engraving. Please note that these are carbon steel blades and they will oxidize over time. This is normal for this type of steel. They will also rust if left wet so dry them after each use. Some users apply a bit of oil to the knife after drying to keep the knife from rusting.

  • Average rating is 5
    By:  Adamm
    Cashtown Pa
    Love this knife,This has been my go to knife for over a year and every time i use it,i remember why i sold my other gyutos
    By:  Steve
    Amazing knife. Any chef would love to work with this beautiful tool.
    By:  Cook
    Rhode Island
    Bought this knife to replace my oversized Global Chef’s knife. Found that it was not nearly as sharp as my Global out of the box,but 10 minutes on 5k stone made it just as sharp(falls through a tomato). A month later in normal restaurant use,and this knife is just as sharp,which I could never say for my Global nor any other knives I have.

    After doing a forced patina,the knife never rusts anymore. Also,the knife is killer light and the handle was a bit short but wide enough for my fairly large hands.

    Bye far... my favorite knife for restaurant use.

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    Misono Swedish Gyuto 240mm

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