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MAC Professional Mighty Chef's Knife 8 1/2" - Click to enlarge
MAC Professional Mighty Chef's Knife 8 1/2"
Item #MBK-85
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  • A popular well-balanced MAC design with bolster
  • High carbon Chrome Molybdenum blade with Vanadium Extremely sharp and durable
  • Blade is slightly softer than the SBK series which has Tungsten in its alloy
  • Not dishwasher safe

  • weight: 7.2oz
  • blade length: 215mm
  • total length: 338mm
  • spine thickness at base: 2.3mm
  • blade depth at base: 47.54mm
  • Average rating is 4.2
    By:  james
    New Haven,CT
    By:  Adam
    This is my first MAC. I was influenced by the fact that Thomas Keller endorses them. I must say,they are simply the sharpest knife I have ever used. It’s two thumbs up!!
    By:  Tom
    Got it less than a week and chipped due to hitting a tiny fishbone. Very not happy with the quality. So hopefully mac will make it up sending it to them.
    By:  Steve
    Loves Park,IL
    When the knife arrived,the sharpness was acceptable. It certainly was not this OOTB razor that many claim MAC’s are. The knife has a fantistic feel in the hand. Very no fatigue when using at all. QC of craftmanship is good,not great. Overall,I would recommend this knife. I do believe that there are better values than MAC blade wise. Handle wise,this is as good as it gets for me. I deduct 1/2 star for value and QC.
    By:  Steve
    Loves Park,IL
    Even though the US market is now flooded with Japanese kitchen knives,the MAC pro will hold it’s ground. Very good ss blade. It’s a real kitchen knife. It is not a whippy laser nor a heavy German style knife. The 8.5 MAC pro has perfect balance. I have NEVER used a knife that has this good of a feel in my hand. I would not recommend the 8.5 or the 9.5 for a womens hand. This is a different handle than the 8" Mighty. Craftmanship is very good,not perfect. Blade geometry suits me very well. I would say a solid 4.5 stars. I will add a final note; many people comment how easy the MAC pro’s are to sharpen,I did not find that to be the case. I put a super nice polished edge on it,but it’s harder steel than I would have thought. Still highly recommended!

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    MAC Professional Mighty Chef's Knife 8 1/2"

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