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MAC Professional Fillet Knife 7
MAC Professional Fillet Knife 7 MAC Professional Fillet Knife 7MAC Professional Fillet Knife 7
MAC Professional Fillet Knife 7 MAC Professional Fillet Knife 7MAC Professional Fillet Knife 7

MAC Professional Fillet Knife 7"

Item #: SO-70
Our Price: $134.95(You Save: $25.05)
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  • A popular well-balanced MAC design with bolster
  • Exceptionally thin and extremely flexible blade designed for filleting sole
  • High carbon Chrome Molybdenum blade with Vanadium Extremely sharp and durable
  • Blade is slightly softer than the SBK series which has Tungsten in its alloy
  • Not dishwasher safe
  • Customer Reviews
    Average rating is 5
    By:  Dennis Pinto
    I recently purchased a MAC Professional Series 7Ē filet knife and wanted to write a review since there is nothing on the web about it. This is my seventh MAC,however I also have Shun,Moritaka,Takeda and Forschner. I think I have around 30 high-endish knives. I love my true Japanese Kuro-uchi knives but cutting through acidic foods (tomatoes and citrus fruits) leave the blade stained and uneven in color from base to tip. It does not effect the cutting ability but it just looks ugly. So I usually grab my Macís for those jobs. Also,I rarely use my large knives (>7Ē) unless itís a slicer. Even my $200 MAC 10Ē Chef knife gets little use.

    So,I was looking for a knife to replace my German filet knife. Had my eye on this MAC Filet for years but had a hard time justifying the cost $145 new but can be had just about everywhere for $120. I didnít understand why cost so much more than other MAC blades in similar length. Until It arrived. First of all,the knife is very substantial. Significantly larger handle than their petty knives but what is more unique is the blade. Itís impossibly thin. Itís flexible but not flimsy. Balance at the bolster with a pinch grip right on. Definitely inspires confidence. Iíve never seen a profile quite like this either,leads me to believe that it could also be used as a short-slicing knife. They way that it sails through tomatoes with just a little puts a smile on your face. As I said,I love all of my knives but since little is written about this 7Ē Filet,I wanted to let everyone know this knife rules. Mark sent the knife out same day,free shipping and it arrived one day early. The thing I like about dealing with Chef Knives To Go is that Mark offer an unbiased opinion and stands behind his products.

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