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Kikuichi Elite Carbon Gyuto 210mm
Item #GC 21-08-0
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The Kikuichi Elite Carbon 210mm Gyuto is constructed of SK-5 steel and is fitted with a black wood handle and stainless steel bolster. This steel takes an unbelievable edge and holds it well. The cutting edge actually measures 212mm, weighs 148g, is 2mm thick at the spine above the heel and is 43mm tall heel to spine. While this steel is very stain resistant, it will discolor if proper care is not taken.

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By:  Shaun
OOTB,first impression; It’s really light and actually seems like a stainless knife for some reason. Weighs in at 148 grams. The balance point is fingertip length in front of the bolster.

Length of edge is actually 212mm,and the spine is right at 2mm. It is 43mm tall at the heel. There is a gentle curve through most of the blade,and you get about 3 inches of board contact when the heel is placed down.

The OOTB edge would shave arm hair with no problem,and was polished nicely. Not a toothy edge,they definitely took the time to buff it. I took about 10 or 15 minutes reprofiling it. I’m guessing OOTB was close to 20 degrees and I took it down to around 15. Steel had good wear resistance,especially for carbon. I started with Shapton 220 glass,with some of Ken’s 45 micron CBN mixed in. (wicked fast cutter,it’s a fun experiment)

Knife went from 220 to a 1000 Shapton glass,then on to my new natural Aoto. Finished on an 8000 super stone (yellow stone,NOT the snow white). Stropped 2 times on .75 CBN on balsa,twice on plain balsa. This edge was push cutting a tomato.

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Kikuichi Elite Carbon Gyuto 210mm

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