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Imanishi Two Sided 1K/6K Stone - Click to enlarge
Imanishi Two Sided 1K/6K Stone
Item #Imanishi 1K/6K
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Our newest line of stones, this combination is the best two-sided stone we stock. An excellent stone for the beginning or budget-minded sharpener. This line requires a short soak before use. Measuring 205mm x 77mm x 36mm, it is 1000 grit on the grey side and 6000 grit on the white. Perfect for putting a really nice edge on your blade.

Average rating is 4
By:  Mark L
works great,15 minutes soak time seems to be little too short though. 25 - 30 minutes work better for me.
By:  ER
For a combo stone,this is probably the best on I’ve ever used.

Needs a bit of a soak time,but I generally just put it in to soak,and come back 30 minutes later and put it to work.

Cuts steel well,and after 2+ months of sharpening all my knives at least twice a week,I’ve only had to flatten it once (and it was barely needing flattening). Probably could have went another two months without much noticeable difference in blade response.

I’m anticipating having this one for several years to come.
By:  Dan
nice stone,makes short work sharpening

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Imanishi Two Sided 1K/6K Stone

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