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Developed in 1985 by Komin Yamada, Global knives first hit the western markets when introduced at the Ambiente Fair in Frankfurt Germany in 1988. The company was awarded the Design Excellence Award by the Ministry of International Trade and Industry in 1990. The pioneer of single piece construction, they are forged from CROMOVA 18. This steel consists of 18% Chromium for stain resistance and is hardened to HRC 56-58. The knives achieve balance through a unique process whereby sand is injected into a hollow handle. The sand moves during use to ensure continuous balance.

Global Knives offer perfect balance and innovative design. The most innovative feature of Global knives is the edge. Most Global knives are sharpened to a point rather than beveled. This results in a dramatically sharper knife which also stays sharper longer. This edge is prominent enough to be seen with the naked eye and extends a quarter inch or more up from the tip of the knife.

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