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Edge Pro Essential Set
Item #Edge Pro Essential Set
Regular price:$229.95
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Here is the best Edge Pro deal on the site. We stripped out what you don't need and added all of the best selling items for this unit. The result is a set up that will give you a great edge with ease and convenience. We put our best 3 stone progression used by free hand sharpeners in this set, the shapton glass stone 500, 1000 and 4000 grit stones. We also added the quick change spring, drill stop collar, and platform magnet. Here's a list of all items included:

  • Edge Pro Bag
  • Water Bottle
  • Micro Fiber Cloth
  • Edge Pro Sharpener
  • Shapton Glass Stone 500 Grit
  • Shapton Glass Stone 1000 Grit
  • Shapton Glass Stone 4000 Grit
  • Quick load spring
  • Platform magnet
  • Drill stop collar

  • Average rating is 5
    By:  N.Chong
    I am very impressed with this set. The stones are fantastic so far and I’ve got my kitchen knives sharper than they’ve ever been. Easy to use and the learning curve is not too steep. The 6k stone gives the edge a mirror like edge already. Haven’t had to use the strop yet. All the accessories are fantastic. The magnet actually worked alot better than I expected. Shipping was quite fast to Singapore too! Great service thanks!
    By:  Henrik
    Decided on this kit after looking at a few videos and consulting the CKTG-forum; I have very little experience in sharpening,but I got to paper shredding sharpness just by using the 500 stone! Whow!

    The micro fiber cloth seems to leave some spots on the stones,so I ended up with kitchen paper. Lots of learning to do,but out-of-the-box experience was really overwhelming! Nice machine and good service from Mark as always!
    By:  BArnold
    Snohomish County,Washington
    I have to say having tried a few other sharpening systems... the EP Essential kit is the coolest thing since sliced bread. And it makes slicing bread a snap. I particularly like the spring loaded of the glass stones as well as the speed with which you can flip the blade and how you can quicky fine tune areas where you don’t feel a burr. It really is the BMW of sharpening systems; well designed resulting in razor sharp edges with ease. A great offering... Thanks!
    By:  Dusty
    By far the best bang for the buck EPA system available. There is no comparison to the factory stones. The Shapton 500 cuts 2 to 3 times faster than the 220 stock stone. Magnet,collar,and q.c. spring are all necessary imho. Add a strop or two,atoma 140 (re-profiling),and a 8k stone for the ultimate setup. Only gripe is low grit Shaptons and Atoma plates are kind of pricey for what it is. Despite the way the Atoma eats metal,slightly disappointed in quality. (Some minor flaking on edges early on,but no prob. with performance) Overall,still a SOLID 5 star product with more versatility than Wicked Edge for half the price.

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    Edge Pro Essential Set

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