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Doi Blue Steel Deba 180mm Ebony - Click to enlarge
Doi Blue Steel Deba 180mm Ebony
Item #1237
Regular price:$475.00
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This is a really nice example of Master Kajiro Doi's work. 180mm Deba with yasuki blue #2 steel with a very nice upgraded ebony handle and buffalo horn ferrule. These knives are primarily used like cleavers for removing fins and tails of fish as well as fillet work. They can also be used for chopping vegetables and cutting up poultry.

  • Spine Thickness 7.6mm
  • Height at heel: 55mm
  • Actual blade Edge length 182mm
  • Weight: 12oz
  • Average rating is 5
    By:  By
    This is a stunning blade. You get a LOT of steel when you buy this. Worth far more the advertised price in my opinion. I have seen many deba knives and was waiting until what was I felt was the right one was available. Nothing comes close to this. Very happy to have another Doi blade- one of the finest blacksmiths of our time.
    By:  GRraff
    This knife is beautiful to look at and when I took it from the box,that is really all it was. The edge seemed sharp,but quickly died. It took a lot of work to get the edge in good shape,but now it is amazing. Scary sharp and it holds its edge extremely well. Even splitting fish heads on an almost daily basis,it only requires touch ups and not full on daily sharpening. Highly recommended.

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    Doi Blue Steel Deba 180mm Ebony

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