Chosera 800 Grit
Chosera 800 Grit
Chosera 800 Grit

Chosera 800 Grit

Item #: SS-800 BIG
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Often overlooked in the sharpening routine is the importance of coarser grit stones. Coarse grit stones speed up the early stages of sharpening and allow freehand sharpeners to do edge repairs without excessive fatigue which can decrease angle control and diminish the quality of the edge produced. This 800 grit Chosera stone bridges the gap between extremely aggressive and coarse stones for repair work and stones in the 1k grit range where many sharpening progressions begin before moving on to a finer finishing stone. As with all Choseras, this stone is fast cutting and slow dishing and polishes above its grit rating. The stone comes with a Nagura to clean swarf from the stoneís surface or establish a mud for edge polishing. These stones are splash and go and soaking is not advised due to the composition of stoneís binder. The stone measures 210mm x 70mm x 25mm.
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