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Beston 500x Water Stone
Item #Beston 500x Water Stone
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The Beston 500 grit Water Stone is one of the few good quality rough stones on the market. This stone is used for quick bevel setting and repair work. It tends to need a good 15 minute soak before use.

Average rating is 4.8
By:  Brad P
One of the better rough stones on the market. Cuts fast and needs to soak for at least 15 minutes.
By:  Roger
San Francisco,CA
This is my first whetstone so I’m still learning,but these seem like a solid buy and the prices/service/shipping were top notch at chefknivestogo.com
By:  David W.
Chapel Hill,NC
I find that this stone works best after soaking for several hours,and at this point I store mine in water. The Beston will reprofile and cut bevels easily and quickly. Fairly good feel and feedback,though like many coarse stones it can feel a bit rough. Be sure to keep the surface wet during sharpening as this stone is a sponge. Can’t argue with the results though!
By:  Erik
This stone is great. Like others say it cuts fast and gives feed back.

Truly a pleasure to make secondary bevels and primary bevels on.

other posts are right,have plenty of water handy as this stone soaks it up quick.

great stone.
By:  Jesse
While I couldn’t live without this stone,it does have it’s faults. It’s a sponge that dries out too fast. It glazes over and clogs up often. I find I need to take my diamond plate to it about every minute or so if I want to keep it’s cutting speed up. That being said,it makes repairs of chips extremely fast even on hard blue steel knives. A real fast cutter that doesn’t leave too deep of scratches.
By:  Mike
This stone cut so fast,it takes no time to establish a new bevel and repair nicks. Should have switch to waterstone a long time ago.
By:  M. Pettersson
Santa Monica
This is a great stone,usealy buy one or two of them every year. It do need a good soaking before use,but it is really effective and have a great feel to it. I only wish they sold them bigger like 10x4x4 for us that use them a lot.
By:  Cory
Wow this stone is great! Like everyone is saying it soaks up water like a sponge but it has a unique feel and really puts a bevel on your blade quickly and efficiently.

I wish it was a little more wide but thats only if i was to be very nit picky.

5/5 stone for sure. if for some reason it broke/became misplaced i would order another one in a heartbeat.
By:  Tyler
Excellent stone. Cuts great and forms a great slurry. Perfect addition to by growing whetstone collection!

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Beston 500x Water Stone

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