Atoma 140x
Atoma 140x
Atoma 140x

Atoma 140x

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The Atoma Diamond Plate line is one of our most popular alternatives to water stones amongst our sharpening aficionados. This line consists of an aluminum base plate and a diamond impregnated sharpening pad. The diamonds are arranged on the pad in a dot pattern, allowing for a much more consistent and even scratch pattern on the knife edge. The diamond plates are an excellent alternative to powered devices such as grinding wheels or sanding belts, due to the reduced heat build-up. The 140 grit plate is one of the most popular for those looking to keep their water stones flat. The layout of the diamonds keeps the plate from sticking to the stone during the flattening process. This grit is also great for quick stock removal for resetting bevels or tip and edge repair. Measures 210mm x 75mm.

Customer Reviews
Average rating is 4.5
By:  Stephen
Toronto Canada
I was fortunate enough to pick up thirteen new natural stones. Naturals never come flat. I had a lot of work ahead of me to flatten the stones to usable condition. This plate is coarse,flat and made quick (relatively speaking) work of flatening my naturals. I ended up getting a DMT 220 use after the 140 to get a finer finish but it was putting a very slight groove along the face of the stone so I don’t even bother now. After the Atoma 140,I use a nagura to condition the surface and go straight to sharpening. Highly recommended for natural stones or badly dished artificials.
By:  Umberto
Can repair broken tips with good speed. A great tool...kind of coarse for lapping stones but works well.
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