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Angle Cube
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The Angle Cube is the best way we know how to accurately determine the angle that your knives are being sharpened. The cube is made from heavy duty aluminum alloy with a chrome finish and has strong magnets on 2 sides to attach to your blades. It's easy and works great! The video shows the angle cube and how it works in conjunction with the Edge Pro. Many use it for free hand sharpening too.

Average rating is 4.8
By:  Ken Schwartz
Mountain House,CA
For Precise sharpening work,this is ESSENTIAL GEAR. I use this with the Gizmo,the Edge Pro,freehand and with my belt grinders. If you want to take your sharpening work up to another level,this is what you need. Using an angle cube gets me accuracy below a tenth of a degree (1/20 degree) Also useful for checking accuracy of saw blade alignment and general shop use. Works as a very accurate level too. If you don’t measure accurately,your work is coming out less perfect than it could be. Solid rugged construction using standard batteries. The zero function lets you measure angles relative to another angle,like the tare function on a scale. Attach it to a knife to see how consistently you can hold a knife at an angle freehand! Makes you a better sharpener and keeps you honest. I use mine constantly.


By:  Don
I purchased the Angle Cube after seeing it demonstrated on a forum. Since I have a growing interest in precision sharpening (much to the dismay of my wife),and since I work in a field that provides me the opportunity to use precision measuring equipment,I decided to test the Angle Cube’s ability to measure… yep,angles.

An angle block set,master level,granite surface plate,and precision 360° tilt table were used to test for angle deviation from (0 to 45)° in 5° intervals in CW/CCW directions using angle blocks and the surface plate,and from (10 to 20)° in 1° intervals in CW/CCW directions using the tilt table.

The results are:


No measurement exceeded 0.1° deviation from the reference angle.

No repeat measurement exceeded a 0.10° change.

The Angle Cube frame was square. The sensor was square to the frame. On the surface plate,with each side of the Cube resting on the plate in-turn,each 90° rotation resulted in a display change of 90° through a 360° rotation. The Cube read 0.00° when inverted.

The display flipped when the angle exceeded ±90° from 0 or 180 to give a right-side-up view,as advertised.


The Zero mode worked well. No bevel exceeded 0.1° from the true bevel.

Conclusion: My Angle Cube meets the manufacturer’s specification. It is likely that the majority of all Angle Cubes will meet the manufacturer’s specification. The less technical but perhaps more important conclusion is that I can trust the measurement the Angle Cube makes,whether making sure a shelf is level to knowing the angle of the bevel on a knife edge to adjusting the angle of a table saw blade.

By:  Ted Bedard
San Antonio,TX
Indispensable and humbling.

Ted,Becoming More Precise Knife Sharpening
By:  Rob Babcock
Sioux Falls,SD
This is a terrific tool and a major time saver. Very accurate as compared and tared to a bubble level. When I first bought this before CKtG sold it I considered it a luxury that I’d use only occasionally,but I must admit that I’ve come to use it on most knives to get me in the neighborhood and to "keep me honest."

Good price,too. Another winner for CKtG!
By:  Roger Sutton
Very ingenious device. Probably works best with a rod sharpening system like the Apex,but it’s handy for guaging the angle for hand sharpening with waterstones.
By:  Jude Perez
I bought this to use mainly for my Edgepro. Works great.
By:  Nicholas
It’s heavy and it’s accurate. As the cube’s original intention was for table saws,it is sometimes a little clumsy to use due to its size. Overall,this has not been a very big issue for me. Great tool,and I plan to use it for more than sharpening.
By:  John Grimsmo
The angle cube is awesome! I’ve always wanted a digital level and this one is about the best price around and very well built.
By:  Matt Whaley
Surprisingly heavy and well built. Feels like it could withstand a bomb. Angles are accurate when checked against other tools,automatically flips the readout when held upside down,readout updates once every half second or so,magnets are very strong,comes with a leather pouch with belt loop
By:  Ron Miller
I bought this to help me learn to hold a constant angle and the correct angle. This product works nice for a large knife like a chefs knife. It does not work as well for smaller knives though.
By:  Dr. J
GREAT Device AND for those who already have an iPhone or ipod touch or Android phone there are FREE Apps such as iHandy Level or Gyro Leveler that can do the same sort of measurement with a device you have on hand..Just hit the calibrate button when held to the table or knife blade to zero out. I wanted a re-settable angle measuring device like the $30+ "angle cube" to set the relative angle between the table and my knife sharpening stones of different thicknesses on the EdgePro knife sharpener...Just what I needed...I went through about a dozen levels and angle finder Apps to find what I was after (noted above).
By:  Jeff B.
Will not show you an angle if you tilt it back with the face towards you. It makes it very awkward to you use freehand sharpening.
By:  Ezra
This thing is so cool! I’d recommend buying it just to have it,sharpening or not. The ability to measure angles to the hundredth of a degree and then tare that angle and measure a new one is incredible.

And of course,it’s useful for sharpening consistently,whether you are doing it by hand or a jig.
By:  Goran Tislaric
Angle-cube is an excellent tool,which I knew before purchasing.

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Angle Cube

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