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Tojiro 3pc Set - Click to enlarge
Tojiro 3pc Set
Item #DP Giftset A
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  • F-801 4" Paring Knife
  • F-802 6" Utility Knife
  • F-808 8" Chef Knife

    Considered to be one of the best lines as an introduction to Japanese knives, the DP series is constructed with a core of VG-10 stainless steel sandwiched between a layer of softer stainless for ease of sharpening. This line is constructed with a Black Stamina wood handle and stainless steel bolster. These knives are known for their superior performance for the price. This 3 piece set includes: The 120mm Paring knife (F-801) is the perfect knife for detail cutting or peeling fruits and vegetables. The 150mm Utility knife (F-802) is just that; the perfect all-around kitchen multi-tasker. It can be used to peel larger fruits and vegetables or even as a small slicer for meat like roasted pork tenderloins or chicken breasts. The 210mm Gyuto (F-808) is hands down, the most popular knife amongst home cooks. It is the perfect size for the home kitchen or when cutting board real estate is at a premium. It is the all-around multi-tasking blade and great for so many jobs.

  • Average rating is 4.7
    By:  Adam Kantor
    Los Angeles,Ca
    Haven’t used it a ton so far,but everything i have done its worked great. super sharp out of the box. chef’s knife is the perfect length. utility knife works great with smaller items and as a boning knife. you can’t find any better knives for this price.
    By:  John Butkofsky
    Your service is super and the knife set is great razor sharp right out the box I would recommend them.
    By:  James Marx
    Chef Knives to go was very prompt. I ended up buying the Tojiro 3 piece set upon Mark’s recommendation. I highly recommend these knives. I have been a German knife fan in the past. The Tojiro set is a remarkable value. Sharp (very). Good balance. Finished well. Thanks for the recommendation.
    By:  Rob Pevitts
    I bought this set for one of my cooks,for the price they are incredible,took a great edge,my only complaint is the handle on the gyuto is rather bulky. Great customer service from Mark and ultra fast shipping. Thanks!
    By:  Andy
    I’m very impressed with the service. I have placed the order on Jun 5,at 2:00am. And the same morning at 10:00 am,my order was already with Fedex poeple. I have received my order today Jun 7. Pretty fast service and delivery. All three knives are SHARPPPPPPPPP! There may be some tiny imperfection here and there on the knife edge,but I can not see them with naked eyes. I had to use 3X magnification glass to see them. I do that whenever I sharpen my knives too. All in all,I’m very please with this set. Will definitely buy another set for my best friend.
    By:  Joe
    San Francisco,CA
    Awesome set. GREAT VALUE!! These tojiro knives are as awesome as the reviews say!
    By:  Richard
    Walnut Creek
    The knives are sharp.

    I did not like the perpendicular ridges to the edge,on the blade.

    These ridges would make vegetables stick to the blade.

    I polished the side and fixed the issue.
    By:  Rob
    I’ve been working in kitchens for several years,this has led to my mild obsession with collecting kitchen knives. In my kit I have Shuns,Globals,Macs,Wusthofs,etc. but for day to day use I use a Tojiro.

    The balance,ease of maintenance,edge holding,and handle comfort of these knives exceeds everything else in my quiver.
    By:  Daniel Bell
    This set is a good bargain on some very sharp knives. I like everything about them except the handles which are quite "blocky." I got out some sandpaper of various grits and reshaped the handles,following the contour of the bolster to make a more radiused handle (I am sure I voided my warranty). The handle material responds well to shaping. I used a wipe-on poly finish to seal the handle and the results look and feel better than the original. I think Tojiro could do themselves a favor if they paid more attention to their work on handles!
    By:  Rick
    I just got my awesome Tojiro DP set and let me tell you,is amazing and the box that comes with it is awesome,I really donít know if I should use them or put them on display in my kitchen!! well it is an amazing product and company. Thanks so much Rick and Knives to go!!!!
    By:  Adonis
    Portland Oregon
    I got to exited and forgot to rate this awesome item!!!
    By:  Olga
    Port Moody,BC
    The sharpest knife I have ever owned. Love it.
    By:  Philip Montrasio
    Excellent knifes for their price.
    By:  JP
    Great entry level professional knives.

    Iíll report back after the first year of use.

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    Tojiro 3pc Set

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