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Tojiro DP Western Deba 240mm - Click to enlarge
Tojiro DP Western Deba 240mm
Item #F-815
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Considered to be one of the best lines as an introduction to Japanese knives, the DP series is constructed with a core of VG-10 stainless steel sandwiched between a layer of softer stainless for ease of sharpening. This line is constructed with a Black Stamina wood handle and stainless steel bolster. These knives are known for their superior performance for the price. Traditionally, the 240mm Deba is a fish butchering knife and single beveled, but many utilize the western-style as a gyuto or chef knife because of the double bevel. Thicker and heavier than a standard chef knife, these allow you to use the weight as an advantage to help with slicing and cutting. The extra length on this blade allows you to take on larger tasks.

  • 50/50 bevel
  • 15.8 ounces
  • Spine measures .188 inches or 4.8mm at the heel

    Please note we can only ship Tojiro knives in the USA.

  • Average rating is 5
    By:  Rob Babcock
    Sioux Falls,SD
    What can I say about this one? Man,it’s a beast! I wanted something that could cut thru a chicken leg bone- this would probably cut thru a cinderblock! And for all that it’s surprisingly sharp. I could pay more but I can’t imagine a more functional Western Deba. Shipping was fast and the price was great...par for the course with CKtG. Thanks,Mark!
    By:  craig k
    new york
    A beast you have that right excellent razor sharp edge out of the box amazing knife
    By:  ChefRK
    Big,Heavy,Sharp and Excellent Quality. I usually purchase MAC Knive but for the money this gives the Mac Ultimate Knife a run at about $120 cheaper. Just plain awesome.
    By:  earl
    I was really amazed of how great this knife for its price. And the service they gave is 2nd to none. The knife arrived earlier than expected.

    Thanks again Mark!

    By:  C
    I bought this knife to abuse and it loves to be punished. Its first mission was to dispatch and segment 4 dozen lobsters. Any regular chef knife would have been trashed,not to mention lack the heft necessary to chop through the claws. This beast had one small nick in the blade at the end of the task which I sharpened out easily. My other knives thank this deba for relieving them from jobs they were never intended to do.
    By:  Dave F.
    Philadelphia PA
    heaviest 10 inch chef’s knife in existence as far as i know and you need every ounce. my scale measured 15.75 oz,over four ounces heavier than my wushtof double wide 10 inch chef’s knife,one of the biggest,baddest on the market. this thing makes the wushtof (which would normally be the biggest by far in any kitchen) feel like a toy. great for things you wouldn’t think of,cuts through a bagel like a hot knife through butter. noticeably sharper out of the box than the wushtof and $40 cheaper. no matter how you swing it,this is one bad knife. i know i got the heaviest 10 inch chefs knife on the block. use it,abuse it,and enjoy it!!!!!!

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    Tojiro DP Western Deba 240mm

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